Roof Tiles – The Choice Of Centuries

Roof tiles have been popular for several centuries. Over the years this beautiful roofing material has been roof that has been preferred by both royals and the common man. The clay tiles fired in brick kilns was a strong and tough roof that kept the occupants of the home safe and warm while keeping the rain and the sun out. The tiles were fashioned from readily available materials like clay, slate or wood. Modern materials that have made their inroads into this industry include concrete and plastic.

Geography, available materials, skills of the tile maker all played an important role in making of the tile which varied a lot in shape, size, design and weight depending on where they were made. Today, the variation and choice has exploded further making it difficult to make a particular choice. The evolution that started centuries ago continues today. Let’s take a lot at the some of most commonly used profiles.

The simplest form of tiles are the flat roof tiles that are installed while overlapping successive rows. These tiles are made of clay and are commonly found in Germany. These flat tiles are also made of wood, stone and in recent times of plastic. Another recent entry into the flat tile market is the solar tile. The most common flat tile is the Tegular. A flat tile it’s design allows for rain to flow off channels in the roof.  The tiles are made with convex and concave patterns on either end. Those with flat middles are the roman tiles. The concave and convex parts interlock. Another popular tile pattern is the pantile with its s-shaped profile.

For more information on roof tiles, we present a detailed article on the subject here.

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