Monier Roofing Tiles

Monier roofing tiles are a trusted brand as they are made to last and being of the highest quality they rarely need maintenance like other roofing materials. You won’t have to pay for costly repairs like for asphalt or composite shingles. They are quite affordable and versatile as the company is able to offer a wide choice of contours and shapes for a variety of needs.

People who wish for tile roofing usually select Monier roofing tiles as they offer some of the best options. Take for instance sound proofing, these tiles are known to cut noise levels by a large percentage making them highly in demand in such locations as near highways, airports and other noisy places.

The tiles are extremely durable. They last for 50 years or more. Unlike metal or wood they do not rot or rust. As Monier roofing tiles are known for their sound reduction capabilities homeowners can be assured of peace and quiet even in the busiest sections of the city. It is been found effective in blocking out even low frequency noises. If you had experience with metal roofs you would know about the sudden cracking noises associated with them. They are caused by the expansion and contraction of the metal. Tile roofs do not make any such noises. Even if there is heavy rain or hail you won’t hear the pitter-patter or pinging noises that other roofing materials can’t seem to block out.

If you plan on harvest rain-water then choosing Monier roofing tiles is perfectly safe option. The concrete tiles are inert and hence the water is perfectly safe for most uses as it does not contain ions of zinc or aluminum. Concrete tiles also allow for moisture to escape. So, it is very effective in moisture control.

Unlike, other roofing options which get ripped out in high wind conditions Monier roofing tiles are safe in such areas. When installed properly, anchored and secured to the roof decking they are an effective roofing in windy areas. They are a great value for money. Homes with these roofs are considered sensible investments by prospective buyers.

Monier not only produces concrete tiles but also terracotta tiles. The company has more than 100 years of experience in the field of making clay tiles and know the importance of making truly great quality products. They offer a wide range of truly spectacular designs and colors which match the surroundings. You can choose colors to match your landscape whether it is the green hills, lofty mountains, blue oceans or green grass lands, the rich tints will make your home look truly enchanting.

Monier roofing tiles come with 50 year guarantee. The color of the tiles never fade. They are fused into the material of the tile and retain the color for decades. They are made of concrete or clay and hence no danger of their rusting, warping or corroding. They are safe to use even in areas close to sea and ocean where salty air can corrode. They are immune to frost and ice which can damage metal and other roofs. These tiles provide excellent insulating capabilities. They keep you warm in winters and cool in summers.

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