Monier Roofing Tiles – Why Choose Monier Tiles?

In the roofing world Monier roofing tiles is a known and respected brand name. The tiles are designed to be long lasting and they are made with the highest quality materials. They need little maintenance unlike other roofing options. You end up saving money as roof repairs and roof replacement are rarely needed unlike asphalt shingles. Monier tiles are known for their affordability and for being suitable to a variety of roofing needs. The company offers a huge range of colors, shapes and contours to suit the needs of its many customers.

Customers who want to use tile as their roofing solution usually opt for Monier roofing tiles. It is one of the best options for sound proofing homes. It cuts out large amount noise usually found near highways, airports and busy streets. The roof absorbs most of this and keeps the home relatively quiet.

Durability is the key reason why these tiles are much preferred. They come with 50 years guarantee. Also, like wood or metal these tiles do not rust or rot. And if you happen to live in the more noisier parts of town the capacity of these tiles to reduce noise penetration into the home is a big advantage. Homeowners who have experiences with metal roofs know about the sudden noises that expansion and contraction of metal with change in temperatures. This can be disconcerting in the beginning. Monier roofing tiles don’t make any such noises. Even in a hail or a thunder storm the pinging noises usually found in metal roofs are completely cut-off when it comes to these tile roofs.

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