Concrete Roof Tiles – Versatile Roof For Every Kind Of Need

Made from cement, sand and water, concrete roof tiles are simple and easy to manufacture. Fillers like fly ash are added to make them lighter, stronger or tougher. The fillers very little difference to the manufacturing process of the tiles. Cement tiles made by different companies have a very similar shape, size and color and there is very little difference between the various makes.

Concrete tiles are made with flat, low or high profile depending on curve of the tile as seen from the rear end of the tile. The higher the curve of the dome of the tile, the higher its profile. If the height to breadth ratio is more than 1:5, then the tile is considered as high profile tile.

These tiles are available in a variety of colors unlike solar roof tiles. They are made in a variety of colors and textures to suit the needs of different customers and offer them a wide choice. The tiles are made of smooth or rough texture. The color is infused into the tile and it  does not easily fade just like clay tiles.

You can either purchase light-weight or heavier tiles depending on your needs. If you roof and local weather permits you should invest in the heavier concrete roof tile as it is sturdier and able to weather most strong climatic conditions. The tiles with less weight are in fact more expensive and they are also more fragile as they easily break under stress of if people walk on them. It is also difficult to replace them.

To get more info on concrete roof tiles we have a brief guide on the benefits of using these tiles.

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