Clay Roof Tiles – Tips For Installation

Clay roof tiles have been in use for several hundred years. Archaeologists have founds clay tiles on old buildings dating back several centuries. These tiles have very simple manufacturing process and hence it has retained its original design, color and manfuacturing techniques. The tiles are tough, simple to mold and retain the color for long. After the tile is molded using clay it is fired in kilns heated to high temperatures. This makes the tiles tough and ready to use in our roofing process. Some of the tiles are given different types of surface treatments. Either it is made smooth, rough or glazed. The tiles have differing densities depending on how long it is heated and the temperature of heating. There is wide choice of colors, designs, and materials in tiles. The colors also vary. You will also find a bewildering array of accessories for hips, ridges, valleys, eaves to make the roof look sophisticated and contemporary. Clay tiles are simple to install but are heavy and need care while handling. They are sold in single tiles or two pieces or as flat tiles. You will also find interlocking tiles.

These tiles owe their rich color to the process of baking. The color is baked into the product and retains it even after several decades of exposure to sun and water. If you have noticed terracotta clay roof tiles in old homes they still retain their beautiful reddish hue even after all those years.

Clay roof tiles need special deck preparation. The wood roof needs to be continuous for the tiles to stay in place. To learn more about clay roof tiles installation check out the detailed report!

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