Cement Roof Tiles: Guide To Concrete Homes

Cement roof tiles are an inexpensive alternative to high-cost clay tiles. Not only are these tiles attractive, but they also last longer than other roofing options. Cement tiles were used in Bavaria in the mid-19th century. In fact even after so many centuries these roofs survive todate and are in find condition. Later with the addition of pigments these cement tiles began to resemble terracotta tiles and most tiles in those days were handmade. Today, with the automation of the production process manufactureres are able to produce dozens of colors, profiles and designs in cement tiles to suit a variety of needs.

Why Choosing Concrete Roof Tiles Is Advantageous?

It is long-lasting roof that will outlast your home. Most other roofs have limited lifetime and come with warranties ranging from 15 to 50 years. Actually, most fail much before that. Concrete will not contribute unnecessary debris to landfills because the roof it is for life of the building. It is versatile roof that is suitable for all types of weather from rain, snow to hail and storms. It can resist strong winds, heavy blizzards, harsh summers and heavy rains. If built to correct standards concrete roof tiles can withstand even earthquakes.

Are Concrete Tiles Expensive?

Concrete roof tiles are mass produced and sold in large quantities, hence they have achieved economies of scale. Their prices have in fact become competitive compared to asphalt shingles and other petroleum based roofs as the prices of crude has soared. So, compared to 100 years or more life-span of concrete, asphalt becomes expensive as the roof lasts for 20 years or less in most cases and need frequent replacement over of the course of the life of your home.

Choice And Variety in Concrete Tiles

A variety of colors, styles and design options are available in concrete roof tiles. The tiles are designed to look like clay tiles, wood shake tiles, slate and stone tiles. The surface of the tiles can be textured, smooth or ragged. Homeowners can choose different shades and textures and use them in set patterns or make random designs. Pigment blended in with portland cement helps to get any desired shade ranging from whites, pastels to darker shades.

Maintenance Of Concrete Roof Tiles

Annual maintenance with visual inspection helps to keep the roof clear of unwanted debris and gutters clean to help the water to flow out without pooling. It is important to remove dirt and soil as this can accommodate plant life and growth of oraganisms which are detrimental to the roof. Power washing the tiles will remove this and help keep your roof clear.

After any adverse weather events it is best to make inspection of all parts of the roof to see that there are no cracks or broken tiles. Replace them immediately to avoid worsening the problems.

Roof Installation Basics

Concrete roof tiles or any other roof is a one of biggest investments in a home. So, both the quality of installation and the quality of materials ordered to install roof have to be of better than good quality. Next, important point is to get a good roofing contractor. Get referrals and recommendations about contractors who have done a good job of installing roofs on other peoples homes. Make sure they have experience in dealing with concrete tiles. Concrete is heavy and it needs additional structural support unlike light-weight roofs like asphalt or metal. So, it is important that you choose a contractor who has the experience and the skills to work with concrete. They should also have a committment to quality installation.

Make sure that the roofing contractor who will do the concrete roof tiles has requiste papers that show that he has insurance policies to cover any accidents and liabilities, that he has the licenses to operate in your state and area. Also ensure contractor does not have claims against him in the Better Business Bureau. Make sure that both of you have a signed contract before the contractor begins work on your roof.

In conclusion, these roof tiles are durable and trouble-free roof provided they are installed with care. Also, it is important to buy concrete roof tiles from reputed manufacturers who provide a long warranty on their products. Also, buy only those tiles that are suited for your local climate and nature.

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