7 Most Important Reasons To Choose Terracotta Roof Tiles

Terracotta roof tiles are time-tested roofing option. Made from the finest of clays these tiles are baked in kilns at high temperatures to make them strong and tough. The color is infused into the material before the baking process and hence it remains fast and hardly fades. The maintenance aspect of these beautiful tiles is negligible. Over its entire life-time you will hardly notice any change in color or its appearance. This is truly versatile choice for roofs.

Long Life

Terracotta roof tiles come with 50 year performance warranties. They are aesthetically appealing and a hardy roof. The tiles add a subtle beauty and charm to any home. Most homes in Europe and Asia were using terracotta tiles for centuries. Some manufacturers have developed vitrified terracota tiles which are immune to air and water borne pollen, fungus and other pollutants. They are also designed to take the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun in their stride.

Sea-side Safety

The terracotta roof tiles by Boral are designed to be safe for coastal areas. The exteriors of homes in sea-side cities and towns are prone to corrosion because the high amount of salt content in the air and the high humidity. So, tiles that can withstand the ill-effects of surf, salt and sand are important for homes that lie close to the coastline.

Cool And Comfortable

Clay is a breathable medium Even after firing and baking it, the tiles retain this characteristic. It has these tiny holes through which air flows in and out of the house. So, when the air in the home gets very hot it naturally flows out from top and cool air from the outside comes in keeping the home comfortable under most conditions. Terracotta roof tiles need less energy to keep the the home cool compared to other roofing choices like metal. However, it also works better with some insulation or choosing lighter colors.

Cuts Out The Noise

These tiles are known to cut out the noise levels to a great extent. You will find that terracotta roof tiles are great in giving you a lot of peace and quiet even when you live close to noisy places like airports and near highways or rail tracks. They reduce sound levels by 30 decibels. Compared to this metals and other roofing options reduce noise levels by only 12 decibels.

Fire Safe

Terracotta roofs are safe from fire. They don’t catch fire and so are safe in areas which are susceptible to fire like homes close to forests and wooded areas. They are also safe from air-borne sparks or fire in areas close to your home.

Maintenance Is Painless

Unlike other roofs terrcotta roof tiles are low maintenance roof. They hardly need any. If any part of the roof is damaged or broken that section alone can be replaced with minimum fuss. It is one of few roofs that don’t need much fuss while installing nor after installation.

Rainwater Collection

You can collect rainwater from your roof with terracotta tiles and use it for daily use. These tiles are non-toxic the water is absolutely safe for your use.

The above factors make it absolutely clear that terracotta roof tiles are some of best roofing options for any home whether you live in the hills or the plains, by the seaside or in the deep interiors.

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