5 Reasons To Pick Spanish Roof Tiles


Spanish roof tiles owe their influence to Rome which in turn was heavily influenced by Greece architecture. As the Greeks had wide spread influence in many parts of the world, spanish roofing tiles also spread their wings and found root in different parts of the planet. The modern clay tiles have originated about 3000-4000 years ago. You will clay tiles in Indus Valley and in Egypt too. As Spain expanded her influence, so did the spanish clay tiles. The tiles need to interlock and so, making them by hand is very tedious process. Hence they are poured into molds and then set to dry. These are then fired in kilns to make them strong and tough. Tiles that are centuries old survive still in different parts of the world. This is a tribute to their toughness and strength.

Spanish roof tiles are very popular and much sought after roofing option. Let’s take a look at why they are popular:


Spanish roof tiles are usually made of two parts. It is also available as a single piece. The roofs have a classic look and feel and yet the designs are both modern and chic. The techniques used to install these modern roofs are also technically superior, so they last longer. The looks of modern spanish tiles are suited for a variety of homes and surroundings.

Over several centuries these tiles have evolved to become the modern spanish roof tiles. If you look at the old buildings in much of Europe and western buildings in other parts of the world you will instantly see the connection between them and these tiles. The tiles offer a multi-dimensional look but still manage to look smooth and clean. They are the epitome of grace and beauty. They are bold and offer a dash of drama with their wavy pattern.

Choice In Spanish Roof Tiles

Every modern roofing option has choice. Spanish roof tiles are available in a variety of materials, colors and finishes. You can pick from ceramic, plastic, metal and concrete spanish roofing tiles. There are wide array of patterns and finishes too. Then there is wide choice of colors to pick from. At the end of day every home that sports a spanish roof tile is unique and different from the next building.


Spanish roof tiles are long-lasting and durable roofing option. Homeowners seeking a sloped roof that last long will find spanish tiles ideal for their needs. The underlaying to make the roof waterproof will solve any water seepage problems.


Spanish roof tiles whether they are made of plastic, concrete or metal are all very strong. They are made from materials that do not combust when exposed to fire. These tiles are immune to moisture and very difficult to brak. These tiles comes with 50 years or more of warranty but typically last several decades more than.

Low Maintenance

These roof tiles require very little maintnance once installed and last for decades with no significant problems. All it requires is periodic checks to see that all the tiles are intact.

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