10 Reasons Why Concrete Roofing Tiles Are Best For Your Home

Concrete roofing tiles are made from simple ingredients like cement and sand. The colors are added to manufacturing process in order to get a variety of beautiful shades to choose from. In fact cement being a versatile medium it is easy to come up with vast range of designs that are unique and popular. Concrete makes it simple to come up with a variety of tile profiles and colors. At the same time it also makes it simple to make them all quite cost-effective.

Strong And Tough

Tiles made with the extrusion process result in strong, tough and dense products suitable for a number of roofing needs. The tiles are molded and colored and finally sealed off using a sealant. This protects the tiles from plant life taking hold on the tile. The salt and other deposits seen on cement walls are also avoided by sealing off the concrete roofing tiles with effective sealants. Made from special grade sands and cement the tiles are designed so, they don’t absorb water more than 10 percent of their body weight. The strong and durable cement used in tiles actually become stronger with age.


There are a number of complementary products that come with concrete roofing tiles. These help complete the look of the roof. As the colore and shades match exactly with the roofing tiles you will be able to make a style statement with your new roof.

Great Value

Concrete roofing tiles provide value for money. They are attractive yet affordable. Their long life combined with their affordable prices make them an attractive combination. The roof can last the whole life-time of the house if installed and maintained properly.


They are also suitable for a variety of weathers conditions. It is suitable for every kind of climatic zone. Rain or snow, sun or frost, hail or wind concrete can take all these in its stride. Snow easily slides off the smooth concrete surfaces. Rain and sun don’t damage concrete like other materials. The product can be used in temperatures ranging from 0 degrees to 120 degrees.

Choice Of Colors

You can choose from huge selection of colors and shades in these tiles. The choice also includes colored tiles where a surface coating of the requisite shade is applied or the color-through concrete roofing tiles in which the pigments are introduced into the cement and sand mix during the tile making process.

Long Life

Concrete roof tiles are long lasting and durable roof. They come with 50 year guarantee. If installed properly these can last the life-time of the home. However the installation process is tough and time consuming. Special care needs to be taken about the underlayment which most often needs replacement ahead of the tile roof.

Repair And Replacement

Unlike other roofing materials concrete roofing tiles are easy to repair and replace. Care should be taken when walking on the tiles as they get easily damaged. Care should also be taken when handling these tiles which are susceptible to breakage especially the light ones. Better is to opt for the heavier concrete tiles as they cost much less and are also sturdier. But, this might need special reinforcement for the roof structure to take on the extra load.

Wind Resistant, Hail Resistant, Fire Resistant

Being heavier these tiles can withstand any amount of wind related damage. They don’t get blown away in strong winds if nailed properly and anchored correctly. They are resistant to hail damange too. They have class A rating as far as fire resistance goes. They are extremely safe roof and are immune to air-borne fire/spark accidents.

Beauty And Home Value

Concrete roofing tiles are beautiful and attractive. They make your home stand-out and instantly noticeable. It improves the curb-appeal of your home and increases its resale value. If you are in the market to re-sell your home it is fairly easy to sell it as both in value and attractiveness your home will score higher points than other homes in the neighborhood.

Apart from all the above advantages one of best benefits in going for concrete roofing tiles is that they are so low-maintenance. Being all-weather proof they hardly require any protection from the elements. A little routine maintenance will go a long-way in giving a trouble-free service for the life of the home.

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