When Is It Time To Replace Roof Shingles?

One of the most difficult decisions a home owner must make is about replacing roof shingles. Research shows that the roof starts to age soon after roof shingles are installed. At first, the aging process is gradual and gathers speed as we go along the life cycle. Towards the end of its natural lifespan of 2 to 3 decades, the aging accelerates.

Roof shingles reach the curling phase after 10 to 15 years. Granules begin to loosen and fall out of the shingles. Blisters may appear on the surface. The edges of the roof shingles curl. During cold weather, this curling is even more prominent, and the shingles become flatter as the temperature rises.

After the curling phase, though, things don’t go downhill very fast. A somewhat stable phase of slow aging begins and this lasts for most of the rest of the shingle’s natural life. Depending upon where in this life cycle your roof is at present, you may need to repair or replace shingles.

Of course, this alone is not the only factor to consider. Roof shingles may leak or become loosened and blow off in the wind. This leads to damage of the interior of the building, making repairs more urgently necessary.

Once the roof needs replacing, it can be hard to know where to begin. If you’ve reroofed your home before, or would prefer to hire a roofing contractor, you don’t want to make expensive mistakes. There are many guides and brochures online from the roof shingles manufacturers which you can consult for more specific and detailed advice.

Finding a qualified roofer who can handle your roof shingles repair can be hard work. First, you must learn enough about the roofing materials that best suit your kind of home, in order to shortlist the most appropriate roofing contractor to take on the job. Then you must ask for referrals. If a friend, family member or professional body suggests a pro they’ve worked with, it can be your best bet. The second best option is to ask your local distributor or lumber dealer to suggest someone good.

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