Types Of Shingles – Choosing Your Shingle

Choosing a shingle from different types of shingles on offer is easy if you know what your wants and needs are. Pick from cedar shingles, clay tiles, metal shingles, asphalt shingles, wood shingles, slate tiles, cement tiles or solar panel shingles. Choose a color or design that meets your taste. Not all shingles are suitable for all locations and areas. Wood or cedar shingles is a classic choice but it is surely not suited for areas closer to woods or forested areas where fires are an ever present danger. For a modern and contemporary type of house clay tiles or rounded tiles are just not compatible. There will be something jarring about it if you try to combine two clashing styles.

When the home is not finished it is really difficult to judge how the final appearance will be. Trying to pick one from the different types of shingles to suit the final appearance is difficult only if you lack imagination. With a bit of imagination or help from software tools it is easy to figure out the final look of the home. Select the roofing shingle to complement your home’s exteriors and the style of your home.

External Factors To Keep In Mind:

There are types of shingles suited for every need. But, when selecting one you need to keep in mind factors like your home style – whether it is traditional or contemporary, big or small, rural or urban. Next, comes the sidings, depending on color and type of exterior walls sheathing. Not all colors are suited for all homes. Red colored tiles are more suited for traditional homes, lighter shades look good on contemporary homes. So, keep this factor in mind when choosing colors for your shingles. Homes in your neighborhood also matter so does the setting of your home.


Choosing one of the types of shingles on offer should also factor in its durability. A long-lasting, low maintenance and low on trouble roof is hundred times preferable to a roof that is short on life and high on maintenance. Most roofs need some maintenance and care. No care at all could also be disastrous as small cracks widen, small leaks expand and damage the interiors of the home and making the job of fixing them tougher.

Local weather:

The local weather is another deciding factor to pick from the types of shingles. Very hot or very cold conditions need certain type of shingles, while moderate conditions can pick from a variety of options. Adding solar panels to your regular shingles will give you free electricity. Installing the modern solar shingles is fairly easy and simple. Clay tiles and cement tiles are suited for most weather conditions. Wood is not suited for moist and wet conditions.

Building Codes:

There are certain standards that homeowners need to follow for their own safety and the safety of their local community. Installing fire-proof homes that have certain amount of wind resistance and also is resistant to impact are ideal. Different local areas have different requirements. These are arrived at after years of data are collected and analyzed in that area. So, follow them and be safe.

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