Solar Roof Shingles – Getting Electricity From Your Roof

Thin film solar roof shingles not only protect your home the way other roofing shingles do – they also generate electricity! Thin photovoltaic cells that are built into roofing shingles can convert sunlight that falls on them into electricity. This is channeled to the home and used to power fans, lights and other equipment – or even directed back to your electric company through the grid and exchanged for credits.

Nothing has quite worked as well as photovoltaic solar roof shingles to generate clean electricity that does not pollute the environment. There is no noise or emission from solar roof shingles. They do not need any fuels and are renewable for as long as they last. A well planned building lined with solar roof shingles can slash power utility bills by as much as 60% easily.

Not only can the domestic needs of a home be covered by solar powered shingle roofs but the excess can be sold back to the electric company and used elsewhere within the network. This further insures the home owner against periods of reduced solar power generation, by letting them buy back power from the grid against credits accrued during times of surplus.

Solar roof shingles have many benefits. They are similar to asphalt shingles and other roofing materials by way of providing protection for a building. Visual appeal is better with newer versions, while older solar roof shingles did look odd on roofs. Modern design elements can blend in nicely with standard roofs, and are hard to distinguish until pointed out.

Solar roof shingles can be used as overlay shingle roofs without having to tear down an older roof. They are relatively inexpensive and lightweight. The additional benefits of cost savings from power utilization and the potential to sell back surplus to the power company are additional benefits.

So if you’ve been thinking about solar roof shingles, ask for an opinion from a specialist to make sure your building is free of shade and has exposure to direct sunlight. Then go ahead and install your solar roof shingles and start enjoying benefits right away.

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