Solar Panel Roof Shingles – Clean, Green And Beautiful

Solar power systems for home use are getting increasingly popular because of the trend towards green energy solutions and the proven cost savings from energy needs for the home. Builders are therefore seeking creative and innovative ways to incorporate solar panel roof shingles into their construction offers. These panels have now become better, and are more durable and efficient than earlier versions. In the process, they have also become aesthetically appealing, lending beauty to homes.

Home owners are looking for ways to include solar panel roof shingles into their constructions, and suppliers are happy about this. They want it to be less noticeable, while at the same time providing the solar powered energy that is essentially free once the initial investment in installing these panels has been paid off, typically within a year or two. And the extra expense of installing a separate set of solar panels can be avoided by making them a part of the roofing itself.

For the past few years, research and development of solar panel roof shingles has progressed rapidly. There have been commercial versions available for quite some time, and what made them more attractive lately to builders and home owners alike is the enhanced durability and the development of new mounting options. In the past, installing solar shingles was hard work because of the way they had to be mounted, and then integrated into the home’s electrical system.

Solar panel shingles always have pros and cons. They had to be installed in large groups, and being thicker and of a different shape, size and texture than surrounding shingles, this stood out like a sore thumb. Modern steel versions are thin, and easily interspersed with conventional roof shingles so that they blend more or less unnoticeably into the roof’s design. Also, solar panel roof shingles now come in a range of different colors so that you can pick one that fits the color theme of your other roof shingles.

Mounting them has also become easier with the nail patterns conforming more regularly to the conventional roof shingles. This means a construction contractor or worker can install them without needing special training or experience in dealing with solar panel roof shingles. And without the need to hire a specialized company for this, the cost of installation comes down dramatically.

Another advantage is that the wiring for these solar panel roof shingles is run through the roofing material itself. The interconnections can be done in the attic, and so there are no wires seen on the roof. This leaves a clean and neat installation which is aesthetically appealing.

Among the benefits of solar shingles are the cosmetic style, their durability, the ease of installation and energy saving efficiency. There are some challenges to using these shingles, such as the chance of rain and ice flowing beneath the panel and creating a lifting action on the shingles. This can be of concern in areas with high speed winds. Also, heavy snow can damage panels that are not supported fully.

While solar panel roof shingles will not provide as much power as typical standalone solar panels of the same size, they are getting better and more efficient every year. That’s why they make good sense from a financial standpoint to use as home roofing solutions.

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