Roofing Shingles For Sale – Finding Good Buys

Roofing is a seasonal business and so, during the lean season you will find roofing shingles for sale at home improvement stores and roofing companies. Roofing contractors are usually busy through the peak season and you won’t find many discounts around that time. In the off-peak months roofing companies find themselves with roofers who are idle or unemployed. Even manufacturers find that their products are not moving fast enough. In order to clear out old stocks and make way for new lines of products store owners and manufacturers offer generous discounts. If you are tracking roofing shingles prices you will generally notice a drop in prices around this time. You may be able to pick some great deals if you purchase in the lean season of the roofing business.

But, again you need to think before you purchase roofing shingles for sale on your own. If you are not a DIY roofer then you have to depend on professional roofers. Roofing contractors generally factor in a small percentage of profit when buying shingles and add the installation cost to it. But, if you are buying the shingles then they might charge you extra for roofing installation. Some roofers might flat out refuse the job. As roofers buy shingles in bulk for several customers they will get shingles at a lower price which they offer it to you either at the same price or a slightly lower price. When you purchase roofing shingles you are cutting them out of their small percentage of profit which they will add to your installation cost.

Roofing Companies Roof Sales

You will find roofing companies offering roofing shingles on sale during the lean period. As their business drops they would like to keep their contractors busy, so they offer roof sales where they do the installation. Homeowners can purchase these roofs at a discounted price and the roofing company can keep its employees busy. Both the sides benefit with these kind of deals. The roofing company buys limited number of roofs types in bulk from the manufacturers and passes on the discounts to the home owners. The choice is limited but the prices offered are attractive.

Choice of Roofs Limited

If you plan to buy roofing shingles on sale then don’t expect much choice. You may have to compromise on a lot of factors like product color, product type, company, quality and so on. Whether you are buying it from the roofers or the from big super marts the businesses selling these products are either trying to clear out their old stocks or to drum up new business. In both cases you will have to settle for a limited array of choices. You will have to settle for unpopular colors, defective lots, styles that have gone out of fashion.

Installation Cost

Installation cost might turn out higher than you expected. One reason is that when you don’t buy the shingles from the roofing company then the company maybe reluctant to do your job. Some roofers might take it up but at higher costs then what they quote for regular customers. Also, even if you bought the shingles at a roofing company sale, they might be the high end contractors whose installation costs are generally higher than other contractors. You might be lucky and find a roofer who does a great job at the prices you estimated for.

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