Roofing Shingles Colors – Attractive Colors Make Great Looking Homes

Is it time to replace your roofing shingles? Are you looking for attractive roofing shingles colors that will not only instantly raise your home’s curb appeal but also, its resale value. Shingles come in the most attractive colors and shades. They are available in both modern and traditional colors and styles. The textures and grain of the modern roofing enhance any coloring scheme you have in your mind. The latest offering in roofing shingles are the top of the line 3-dimensional designs.

When choosing attractive roof shingles colors bear the following points in mind:


When choosing roofing shingles colors remember lighting plays an important role. A particular shade might look different under varying light conditions. As the light exposure changes so, will the appearance of the roofing shingles. A particular shade of shingles may look lovely under bright sunlight but quiet different under cloudy conditions. So, make a choice based on where you live, the local climate and your own preferences.

Pitch Of The Roof

Sometimes, the sloping roof or the design of the roof also will make a significant impact on the way the shading appears. At different angles the slope of the roof will catch the light differently and you will notice roofing shingles colors looking significantly altered at different places of the roof.

Energy Efficiency

Darker shades absorb a lot more heat and makes the homes hotter by about 20 percent or more. That’s a lot. For people living in cold areas the darker shingles help in snow removal. For people living in cold climates dark shades are best as they absorb the most heat and keep the home warmer during the cold months and also aid in the melting of snow. Choose from dark blue, deep green, dark gray or any other darker shade you like.

For those living in hotter climates the best way to cut energy costs is to choose white as it absorbs very little heat and keeps your home cool in summer. If you are planning on cutting your energy costs for cooling your home then choose lighter shades from the available roofing shingles colors.

The classic clay tiles work well in both cold and hot weather. Even the imitation clay tiles work great. Also, these are some of the best looking roofs in any neighborhood. Another option is the cedar shingles. They gives a classic look. These also work well in both hot and cold climates but they are lot more expensive than asphalt shingles and you won’t see them on many homes

Dark Shades Vs White

The darker colored shingles help make a very tall building look less taller. White roofs give off a classic touch to any home and make it look at once light and airy. They can also help a low slung roof appear taller and brighter. The flip side of white roofs is that they soon start looking grimy and dirty unless very religiously maintained. Unless you live in very clean and mild weather conditions whites may not be ideal. Darker shades also deteriorate faster. If you choose dark colors then make sure that you have proper ventilation to prevent overheating of the roofs as this cause damage to the shingles. Also, white roofs are not that attractive even if they are energy efficient. So, go for light shades or shingles that have flecks of white in them. This have excellent reflection and are elegant too.


Match your roof shingles colors to your home’s exteriors. If you planned out a color palette for your home then choose shingles color patterns that will go well with your overall home’s color scheme. There are several classic colors that complement each other and you can never go wrong with them. Take your car and cruise along your neighborhood and find roof colors that you love. Make a note of the colors and go shopping. You could go for contrasting color patterns or complementary colors.

Screen Limitations

If you are trying to choose roofing shingles colors by browsing the net, remember that there will be significant differences between what you see on your computer screen and what you finally see physically. It is better to order for samples to be sent to you in order to make a more informed choice. Even better than that would be to see an actual application of the full roof shingles in a location closer to your home conditions. This will give you a very clear picture of how the roof would look in the real life conditions.

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