Roof Shingles – Installing & Repairing Shingle Roofs

The most visible part of any home is the roof and roof shingles make a house stand out as a stunning masterpiece – or an eyesore. Roof shingles also act as the first line of defense against natural elements, protecting your building against wind and water. Given this, it is amazing how often the roof is ignored until shingles are torn or damaged, worn out or go missing. It’s only when water seeps through and damages the interior, causing electrical problems or staining or fungus on the walls that action is taken to fix roof shingles.

Here’s how to get the most from your shingle roof. The life cycle of most shingle based roofing systems is 2 to 3 decades. A warranty will save you a little bit, but as we draw closer to the end of this lifespan, it’s up to you to proactively repair roof shingles to get high value from your investment.

It’s a scary decision to go ahead and repair or replace your roof. Given the vast array of brands and options by way of roofing material, you can worry about making mistakes that are costly and dangerous to your safety. How to decide whether to repair or replace a damaged roof?

Well, you can ask a roofing contractor who specializes in roof shingles. Or you can take a look at the roof yourself and see why the roof shingles are failing. Are they curled, cracked, broken or blown off? Is only the occasional shingle damaged, or is there general wear and tear? This can determine whether you only need to fix a few broken shingles, or tear off the entire roof and do a good job.

By being diligent and observant, you can even identify problems with your roof shingles before they become apparent and obvious, allowing you to take preventive action. If the gutters on your roof are accumulating ‘sand’ that’s the same color as your shingles, it’s likely they are wearing out and clogging the gutter with dust.

Proactively caring for your roof can save you money and enhance the durability of the rest of your building. It is better to have things fixed before the roof shingles blow off and water seeps through causing interior damage. And maybe you’ll only need a few shingles for a quick repair job. To learn more about how to buy roof shingles and decide when is the best time to have your roof repaired or replaced, read this short report.

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