Installing a Shingle Roof – Some Powerful Tips

A shingle roof can be designed to fit any taste and style, coming as they do in different colors and patterns. You can have a shingle roof made from various materials like wood, slate, asphalt or metal. There is a wide range to choose from depending upon the weather and climate conditions as well as your lifestyle and budget.

How does one go about building an asphalt shingle roof? Picking the best asphalt roof shingles isn’t difficult. You do have wide range to select from, and can choose the colors and sizes, shapes and textures that match your design and taste. Your shingle roof must complement and fit with the rest of your building, including the walls and even neighborhood. Since the house is still unfinished, this takes a little bit of imagination to visualize and plan.

Your shingle roof needs to match your building’s design and go nicely with the overall architecture and structure. If your building sports contemporary architecture, then a roof made of rounded shingles may not go well with it. The siding that you choose and the windows, doors and accessories you’ll fit on your roof need to match with each other and add to the building’s appeal, and not stick out like a sore thumb.

Your neighborhood indirectly influences your choice of shingle roof. If your house clashes boldly against the trends in your area, it may not be a good thing, unless your goal is to stand out. Where your property is located, and how you intend the building to stand in the ground will further determine what shingle roof you select. For roofing materials, make your decision based on the value and durability they provide as well as other features and benefits such as being resistant to wind, fire and other weather elements. Going with good quality roofing materials is an advantage because they will usually last longer and provide higher quality of protection. This will in turn reduce the cost of your shingle roof when considered over the entire lifetime of your building.

Another important question about a shingle roof is how many of them you’ll need. As a general rule, you can estimate that one square (100 square feet) of roof will require 3 bundles of shingles to cover. So if your roof is a straightforward one, then just divide the area in square feet by 100, and then multiply that by three to get the number of bundles of shingles you’ll need. Be prepared for some loss by breakage or damage while installing your shingle roof, and order a few extra because at times you’ll not get the exact same match. Most manufacturers have flexible return policies to accommodate this reality. Check that your extra shingles can be returned in such an event.

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