How To Replace Roof Shingles?

An oft asked question is how to replace roof shingles? Homeowners are faced with the problems of minor or major roof damage at many points in their life. For example a rainstorm or hurricane could have removed a few roof shingles. The impact of falling debris might have cracked brittle shingles. Or the entire roof might have outlived its life and need replacement due to age. The minor problems are easily sorted by the homeowner with a little bit of knowledge and skills.

With a little bit of knowledge you can do minor repairs yourself instead of employing costly labor. But, before you even attempt to get on the roof you should learn about safety first. Roofing projects are usually several feet above ground. People who have fear of the heights or feel giddy due to medication should not attempt this under any circumstances. It can be dangerous unless all safety precautions are taken.

The ladder should be secure, you should have at least one assistant who can help if needed, keep clear of power lines, use special equipment for working on steep slopes and so on. Learn more about the precautions to take and other helpful tips on how to replace roof shingles in this longer article on the topic here.

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