Buying Roof Shingles Online – How Long Will YOU Wait?

Most people who buy roof shingles online are willing to wait only an hour for a response, says an interesting study conducted by Harvard Business Review. The study found that 37% of all roof shingles companies and retailers responded to online queries within an hour. A further 16% got back to the prospective customer within 24 hours.

But nearly half of the companies only responded longer than a day later – and they were 60 TIMES less likely to speak to the customer. That’s because people like you who are looking for roof shingles and conducting research on the Web are not likely to want to wait too long to hear back.

That’s not surprising at all. Given the speed at which the Web moves, we want answers and we want them now. On this website, you can find answers to most general questions by simply studying the archives. When you contact someone, you are looking for specific answers – and need them urgently.

So when a roof shingles company replies to you almost immediately, calls you to talk about your requirements, and guides you towards solving a vexing problem about your roof repair or replacement, you are many times more likely to end up buying your roof shingles from them.

At this point, price and other variables become less important than the important fact that you’re working with a company or person that cares about your roof. That’s magical when you can find the right roof shingles manufacturer or roofing contractor.

The Harvard study went on to find that whenever there was a meaningful conversation with the customer, the probability of making a roof shingles sale was higher. This goes far beyond just an impersonal email, or a link back to an FAQ page. After all, you can already find that information by clicking on a few links on this blog – on the sidebar to the right, the most popular sections are listed for your convenience.

So buying roof shingles online has grown quicker, simpler and easier. Enjoy. And until you need to talk to someone, you can find all you need about roof shingles in this special report – click here.

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