How Using Home Solar Systems Can Make A Difference To The World Around You?

Home Solar Systems The Most Popular Renewable Energy Option In US:

Many experts believe that this energy source is our best option to cut our dependence on costly fossil fuels. As more and more nations join the clamor for scarce resources the prices will only sky-rocket in the next few decades.

If you are concerned about how much you are paying for your energy needs and the ever increasing prices of gas and electricity then you should look for an option that is taking America and the rest of the world by storm. It’s free, it’s environment friendly and you can install the home solar electric systems over a couple of weekends with a few tools from your shed and supplies from the hardware store.

Do you know that by installing home solar systems you instantly increase the home’s investment value?

Energy independence in the form of a complete home solar systems puts a greater price tag on the resale value of a home and is increasingly preferred by buyers.

Home solar systems are powered by solar energy which is a freely available power source because it is derived from the sun. People in the know believe that solar power will be the main renewable energy source in the future, if not for anything else then because of gigantic energy potential that our Sun has. It is an outstanding green energy source because it is replenishible, and it does not lead to any damage to the environment.

There are three different ways we can work with solar energy for our benefit. The different sorts are passive, active, and by harnessing solar power by using photovoltaic or PV cells. The best method for generating electricity is to use solar cells. This will make it possible for us to have the power we need to have by making our own electricity.

Electricity generated from solar power is completely free. So you don’t have to pay your energy bills ever again if you decide to install solar panels to cover all your energy needs. Solar power can be generated on your rooftop, in your garden or in your farm. Where ever there is plenty of sunshine you can install your panels and start tapping the sun for your energy needs. Home Depot and local hardware stores are great places to shop for home solar systems . BP Solar is trusted brand in solar panels.

Solar water heating systems used for heating water are relatively inexpensive, running at $2,000 to $4,000. Financing of a solar energy system may be included in the purchase price of a home which makes it an attractive option. As energy prices rise and the cost of panels and other equipment decreases, home solar systems cost looks much better as an investment option.

Advances continue to bring equipment costs down and the cost of the fuel for the systems will always be free, so there’s good news on that front. You can build your solar energy panels and start generating electricity over the course of one weekend and never pay your energy company ever again.

Just imagine if everyone or at least a majority of the population switches over to home solar systems to power all their needs, our planet will be transformed.

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Green Energy – Some Lesser Know Green Energy Sources

Popular Green Energy Sources: Solar Power And Wind Power

Mention green energy and most people can visualize solar panels and wind mills. Solar power and Wind power are our major sources of green energy. Both combined contribute about 3.5 percent of our current electricity needs. A bigger contributor which has been contributing a significant percent of our energy needs is the hydro-electric power.

There are several major hydro-electricity projects worldwide the most recent example of this is the Three Gorges Dam in China which is biggest hydel-power project in the world. Despite being a green energy source the environmental impact of hydel projects are enormous. They cause severe displacement problems for thousands if not millions of people living in the areas marked for creating enormous reservoirs for the water in order to generate power and irrigate farms. Also, hydel power in many countries is dependent on copious amounts of rainfall and this is seasonal in some countries.

Solar and wind power are also to a large extent dependent on the prevailing weather conditions. But if proper locations are selected then on most days these areas get enough sun and wind to generate the required electricity. Deserts are the preferred locations for installing solar panels. The large areas of open desert land available which are otherwise unusable can be best used to generate huge amounts of solar electricity. Large tracts of desert lands in the US are being put to this very use. It is estimated that Sahara desert in Africa can generate enough green energy in the solar electricity to power the Earth several times over. Same is the case with wind power. Presently most installations are onshore. It is estimated that moving them offshore will significantly improve wind power generation.

Lesser Know Green Energy Sources: Geothermal, Tide, Wave Power And Bio-Fuels

Moving on the other lesser known green energy sources which are making steady progress in the race for becoming sustainable and clean energy are tide power, wave power, geo-thermal power and several bio-fuels. Tide power makes use of the power of tides. As the tides come in they rotate the turbines installed on the sea shore and help generate electricity. These are particularly useful in areas where regular and high tides are seen through the year.

One problem is of course the excessive amount of corrosion that installation suffers near the sea shore. Wave power is also a similar set-up except that this is steadier as the ocean waves occur more frequently and regularly. As the waves come in and withdraw the turbines are first rotated in one direction and in reverse to help generate electricity.

Geothermal power is another exciting possibility that has received significant press. For nearly a century or more this technology has been in use in countries like Italy. But, it has not reached significant commercial success. This is a readily available resource in every part of the world. This technology uses the heat of Earth’s core to heat water to high temperatures and derives the energy from this super-heated water.

Deep holes have to be bored to reach the Earth’s core and water under high pressure needs to be pumped in to reach these depths. It is an engineering challenge which needs to be addressed to achieve levels that will be able to replace current fossil fuels as a primary source of electricity. Currently, hot water springs and hot sources available on the surface are being used. But, to make real impact we need to dig in deeper.

Bio-fuel is another source of green energy which is generated by converting plant and other human waste into energy producing fuels. To generate huge amounts of bio-fuels that can sustain our population’s energy needs large tracts of arable land are needed.

This is not possible as the same land is also need to produce food for hungry billions. This can cause social turmoil. This also needs highly efficient agricultural practices that maximizes farm production. Brazil and to some extent US are the only two countries that have achieved this level of competence and are the world leaders in production of bio-fuels. In fact about 80 percent of Brazil’s vehicles are powered by ethanol a bio-fuel.

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Green Energy Business – 4 Things To Know Before You Jump In

Green energy business as a concept has been bubbling for years – but things are now coming to a boil. In 2010, almost $50 billion from the Federal stimulus package went to green energy business and innovations that promoted higher energy efficiency and renewable energy technology. The U.S. President’s State of the Union address in 2011 stated the objective of having 80% of the nation’s energy come from green energy or renewable energy sources by 2035.

All this indicates a boom coming shortly in the green energy business space. Where Government invests, there’s sure to be a future market. Just about every developed country offers incentives, tax credits and other benefits to home owners and businesses alike that shift towards clean green energy for their needs. And renewable energy technology is inherently more efficient.

Stimulated by these benefits, home and business owners are in turn approaching contractors, window and door makers, landscapers and builders about installing green and environment friendly systems. The timing was never better to launch your own green energy franchise or business. But you’ll have to do some homework first.

What Exactly Is Green Energy Business?

Green energy is a source of power or energy that is environmentally friendly and non-polluting. While it is sometimes used interchangeably with the term ‘renewable energy’, there are stricter norms for defining green energy when it comes to claiming eligibility for tax breaks or rebates, subsidies or support from governments.

Green energy business is a broad term that includes involvement in various facets of producing, distributing and consulting upon green energy initiatives. With the current trend being to implement green technologies in every facet of life, this is a booming area of expansion and growth which many savvy and forward thinking business people are eagerly exploring.

Identify Your Green Energy Business Niche

The umbrella of ‘green energy business’ covers a slew of micro-sectors that is growing more diverse day by day. There are many things that can be done from a green standpoint. And this is simultaneously an opportunity and a danger. Small businesses need to research and identify their specific green energy business niche (such as solar energy business) before charging ahead, or else they may get stuck.

Most green energy business revolves around electricity. Many small businesses know little or nothing about electricity and its distribution. Renewable energy may bring to mind wind farms with hundreds of windmills turning turbines that throw off megawatts of electrical power, but those green energy business ventures are in the realm of big, deep-pocketed investors and manufacturers.

Getting into the wind turbine business and building wind farms or similar huge renewable energy sources can require serious investment capital. It is also inherently risky, with a lot of time and effort being expended into research that may or may not work. A typical green energy business venture to manufacture power generators that are fueled by renewable energy could cost $8 million or more.

As one alternative energy business entrepreneur put it, “You not only have to come up with something different in the green energy business arena – it has to be something different that actually works!”

But there’s still room for small players in the big field. On the periphery of green energy business, there are many opportunities with low start up costs that still retain high profit potential. Some of these include:

  • selling green energy or technology
  • installation of green energy systems
  • research and development, with a view to selling it to bigger companies

Most renewable energy operations like wind energy business are funded by wealthy corporations. Some of them will actually be generating power without an established system to distribute it to end users. Buying up the surplus power at wholesale rates and then selling it directly to consumers at retail price is what made Ambit Energy, a green power business, the fastest growing company on the 2010 Inc.500 list. And there are many such ways to profit from green energy business.

Take Advantage of Green Energy Incentives

State governments are offering residents and business owners a range of grants, tax breaks, and rebates for taking green energy initiatives. By tapping into this scenario, a green energy business can quickly build a customer base that goes on to purchase expensive installations and ongoing upgrades of environment friendly technology.

When households are offered incentives to upgrade home heating and cooling systems, install solar panels, purchase energy efficient appliances or make weathering improvements, it is a natural extension for green energy business owners who meet such needs to step up to the plate and serve these specialized needs.

Many green energy business ideas can stem from this. You can act as consultants about the best systems and changes to consider. Or you can act as installers and repairers who will actually implement these changes for clients. This sort of assessment/retrofit work can keep a small business engaged in green energy projects without ever having to step into the hyper-competitive arena of providing comprehensive green energy solutions to buildings.

Contracting As Green Energy Business

Government agencies could save $200 million annually on energy costs according to the U.S. Department of Energy. And small green energy business can bid for contracts that these agencies are required to put out for modifying and upgrading their facilities. This makes for several exciting renewable energy business opportunities.

While a new small business won’t get big contracts right away, it is possible to work your way up by delivering on your promise and doing a good job. Getting green energy contracts from governments isn’t easy or non-competitive. But if you know your niche, have a clear understanding of what it takes, and can deliver what you contract for, this can be an ideal way to break into green energy business.

And in this area, being a small business can actually be an advantage since there are programs specifically meant to counsel businesses that are owned by veterans, women, or below a certain size, on how best to bid for and secure such contracts. What’s more, you can even sub-contract for work from bigger contractors who win federal contracts directly.

Getting “Green” Certification

In a competitive marketplace, having your business “green” certified carries significant advantages. Residents looking for energy efficiency or wanting to switch to renewable energy are more likely to work with a green certified energy business than another. Federal agencies are even required by law to seek out such businesses.

Standards for green certification vary by region. Complying with them and getting certified is an indication that you know what you’re doing. It carries a credibility boost in the eyes of your prospective customers. As a green energy business, this can be one of the smartest decisions you’ll make.

With residents, businesses and government all moving towards clean renewable energy sources, and offering incentives, rebates and grants for green energy business and their clients, this is the best time to be involved in green energy as an entrepreneur and go green business. The race is global. The stakes are high. And financing is abundant. Break in, find your niche, and reap rich rewards from your green energy business.

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Home Solar Shingles – An Attractive Way To Generate Clean Solar Power

Home Solar Shingles Is An Investment

Installing home solar shingles on roofs instantly increase its investment value. Today’s solar panels are designed to merge with your roofing and are hardly distinguishable as solar panels. They can be mounted on the roofing with no need for additional mounting or supports. These photovoltaic shingles act like normal roofing shingles which protect the home while also generating clean energy for residential or industrial use. This type of roofing is rapidly gaining acceptance because of it’s many advantages.

When solar power generation was in early stages the only option was to mount huge solar panels in frames on the top of roof to generate enough power to light up a few bulbs. Today, the technology has advanced to such an extent that just a few residential solar shingles are enough to power those very same bulbs. The solar panel shingles are aesthetically designed to merge with the roofing shingles and offers complete freedom to design your home roofing the way you want.

There is no fear that solar shingles will fly away in heavy winds. To install solar shingles just nail them down on the fly resistant roofing under layment. Apart from that a special glue keeps the home solar shingles in place. Also, these shingles are wind and water proof just like other roofing shingles and you can use them without fear of any leaks. They usually come with suitable warranties and like all solar technologies last for more than 20 years. These shingles are light weight and easily transportable.

These solar shingles can be used even on an old house. They come in a variety of attractive styles and can match with the surrounding roofing. It generates electricity to help heat your water, to power your lights and much more. How much electricity is generated depends upon the size of your home solar shingles. The power generated is pollution free and lowers your electricity bill. Also, you have the satisfaction of having contributed to cleaner environment.

A Tip: Buy Home Solar Shingles At Discounted Price

Solar technology is constantly improving as developed countries focus more on building alternative energy. As a result, wholesale companies will often sell solar shingles for lower prices to make room for newer models. This allows you to get great deals on the existing and previous models when compared to buying latest designs in solar shingles. This can translate to huge cash savings for you. Many state offers rebates for installing these home solar shingles.

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Home Solar Panel Kits – 10 Money Saving Tips To Buying Solar Panels For Your Home

Home Solar Panel Kits Buying Secrets Revealed:

Here I am going to educate you on how to get affordable home solar panel kits, so if you want to learn about getting solar panels at a discount price then you should read this article.

1. Knowing your needs is important. So, go through your energy bills – if you haven’t done so already, and look at your consumption over the last year or so to get an idea about your average monthly consumption. This will tell the amount of power you need to generate. Now work out how much space you have.

2. If space is not a constraint then you can get less efficient house solar panel kits at lower prices. Straight away you save on your installation costs.

More efficiency in solar panels means higher prices. But efficiency is not important when it comes to solar energy. Sunlight is completely free, so even the less efficient solar panels will do if you have lots of space. Another option is to go for solar shingles. These solar panels designed to look like solar shingles can laid on roof tops to generate electricity.

3. Some homes use a combination of home wind power and residential solar power to generate electricty. It’s easy to set up both as home wind turbine kits and house solar panel kits are available in many do-it-yourself stores.

4. Buy home solar panel kits from a reputed maker with proper energy certification and you will be safe. This will a little more expensive option but in return you will get quality goods.

5. Research your local stores for best solar cells and find out the options available. Browse the home improvement and renewable energy magazines for offers and deals. Check out the options available online. You are sure to get the best deals by doing a little research.

6. When looking at home solar panel kits, you will find that they have certain differences. All produce a small amount of voltage, but voltage is not important in this case, as the inverter will convert that right up to the voltage used in our homes.

7. Look at the wattage or amperage of a solar panel. This shows the power that each of the home solar panels can generate. With this information and the information about your energy needs you can calculate the number of solar panels you will need.

8. You could find used, chipped or cracked solar panels discarded by construction companies. This will be slightly less efficient but as we have already established efficiency is not a key criteria, you could get literally thousands of dollars worth panels for peanuts. But, take care to test them before you buy. Also, when people decide to move or upgrade their solar panels, they will often sell their old systems at a discount.

9. Another way to get cheap solar panel kits is to shop for them at wholesale stores. Solar technology is constantly improving as developed countries focus more on building alternative energy. As a result, wholesale companies will often sell solar energy panels for lower prices to make room for newer models. This allows you to get great deals on the existing and previous models when compared to buying brand new solar energy panels.

10. A professionally installed system can cost you around $20,000 dollars. The cost of building solar panels generally ranges between $100 and $200. If your local hardware store is having a sale or special offer, you can get the materials for even less. Solarhome panels have nearly the same efficiency as store-bought panels for a fraction of the price.

Conclusion About Home Solar Panel Kits

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to built them then you can buy this ready made kits which have all you need to build your solar plants. But if you can afford to spend a weekend or two then the best way to save on home solar panel kits is to build your own panels with readily available materials.

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Home Solar Energy – How To Use Solar Power To Heat Your Swimming Pool And Not Spend A Ton Of Money On Heating Costs

Home Solar Energy To Heat Swimming Pools:

If you have a swimming pool, then you must know by now that is no fun to swim when it is too cold. So, your pool is left unused in the long winter months or you need to heat the water to make it comfortable enough for you to swim. But the cost of heating a whole pool of water is exorbitant if you use regular electricity. Those who don’t have access to home solar energy or home wind energy simply don’t use the pool during winter.

It’s a waste of your valuable investment if you can’t use it during the long winter months. There is a way to extend your swimming season without adding to your electricity bills. Perhaps the best solution for keeping your pool comfortably warm without spending an arm and a leg are solar pool heaters. Drawing power from home solar energy systems or using radiant energy from the sun, the solar water heaters are a cost-effective way to take the chill off the water and keep your swimming pool comfortable to swim in.

Home depot solar energy systems has some low cost solar panel heaters which can become a good investments for any home owner with a pool to maintain. You can try other brands too to reduce your home solar energy cost. These heaters will help regulate temperatures so your water will not be as vulnerable to external factors and temperature swings.

Paying a huge amount of your hard earned money to heat a giant puddle in your back yard is not only impractical but foolhardy- especially when you have an endless supply of heat in the form of solar power just waiting to be harnessed.

Indoor swimming pools would allow lesser heat to escape since they are closed. But an outdoor pool has an advantage of Sun’s direct heat. Outdoor swimming pools gets additional benefit from the heat that is naturally produced in the water due to the sun’s rays hitting the water. There is some natural heat produced in the water because of the direct contact with sunshine which goes a long way in conserving energy and reducing the amount of home solar energy required to heat up the pool to the temperature required. Outdoor swimming pools work better with residential solar energy powered pool heaters.

Having heated pools will let you enjoy a longer swimming season without worrying about high utility bills. Swimming pool solar heating systems are well able to sustain the warmth of a large volume of water on a daily basis, and are quite capable of keeping the pool temperature at 80 to 85 degrees even in moderate climates.

D-I-Y Home Solar Energy

You can save even more money by installing a do-it-yourself home solar energy system for your pool. The solar panels in your system will produce electricity that will be routed to a bank of batteries where it will be stored until it is needed.

You can find ton of manuals and materials on the Internet that explain how solar power functions. They will also give you step-by-step instructions to guide you in constructing your own solar power system, including blueprints for the solar panels and diagrams and instructions for all the possible configurations for your system. The material that you will need for your solar power system is easy to find online or at a local hardware store.

Just follow the instructions and you should have you own home solar energy heated pool in a few days and for a fraction of the cost you will spend by using professionals.

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Buy Solar Panels – Some Tips To Get Them Cheap

Before you buy solar panels – determine exactly the amount of power you�ll need for the intended purpose for instance home, farm, garden, and where to best locate it. Look at your monthly electricity usage for a year and you will have a rough estimate about the amount of energy you need.

There are great benefits to generating solar energy for your domestic, farm or industrial needs.

Why Buy Solar Panels To Generate Solar Energy?


  • Solar energy can be stored in battery backup systems to provide lighting during power outages
  • Solar systems require virtually no maintenance and never need fuel
  • You would be reducing your carbon footprint
  • You will save massive amounts of money in reduced energy bills
  • You will be making a positive impact on the Earth

Buy home solar panels for regular-sized home and this can generate power for hot water at home or for heating swimming pool or outdoor lighting. Using solar electricity means that there will be plenty of energy for home use without worrying for increasing cost in electricity.

If you have a swimming pool then solar panel heaters are important investments to maintain a pool. These heaters will help regulate temperatures so your water will not be as vulnerable to external factors and temperature swings and you can use pool over a longer season.

You will need strong and sturdy mounts to place your solar panels, else buy solar panels roof. You can also opt for solar shingles to be installed on the roof.

How And Where To Buy Solar Panels?

To buy solar panels research your local stores and find out the options available. Browse the home improvement and renewable energy magazines for offers and deals. Check out the options available online. You are sure to get the best deals by research. Look for sine wave converter to prevent the wastage of DC electricity and ensure full efficiency of your solar power system.

By installing cheap solar panels built by yourself you can generating electricity which will offer a much better cost savings than if you buy small solar panels. Today, technology has made it possible to extract electricity from Sun’s heat at a much lower cost than was possible earlier.

Your new solar power home will pay for itself many times over in the course of its useful life. Many utility companies will even allow a resident connection to the grid and can pull some of your excess energy units from the solar panels you built, netting you a small energy credit or even a bit of a profit.

Solar panel technology is a fast changing world. As new technologies come in, new products are launched and old products phased out. You can take advantage of this as the changes in technology won’t matter too much to you. So, buy solar panels from warehouses running clearance sales to clear out older products.

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