Average Roof Replacement Cost – An Overview

Different roofing materials will have different average roof replacement cost. Here we will give some numbers to help you make a choice from the different options available. If you choose asphalt roofing shingles which is one of most affordable and also reliable roofing option you will find that the prices range between $800 and $4000 dollars. Coming to wood, cedar wood shingles or wood shake shingles fall in the range of $7500 to $20000 dollars. The next popular option is slate, the shingles are available in prices ranging from $17000 or higher. Actually some of the high end slate shingles cost around $84000 dollars. Metal shingles are light-weight and elegant roofing option whose price range is in the $5000 to $20000 range for steel. Copper costs from $25000 to $40000 dollars. Aluminum lies between the above two values. The above quoted numbers are for homes having areas of 1700 to 2100 square feet area of roof.

As we will see later on there are lot more factors affecting roof replacement cost and most important of them is the size of roof. The bigger your roof the higher is the cost of laying the roof. The cost goes up as you choose more expensive roofing options.

To give you a more detailed look at the average roof replacement cost, take a look at the following article on the topic.


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