Steel Roofing – Gaining in Popularity, With Good Reason

Steel roofing isn’t new. It’s just newly popular!

Though Galvalume steel roofing has been around for several decades, the aluminum and zinc coated steel that is durable and long lasting is only recently gaining popularity among commercial building and home owners. Architects and engineers, contractors and home owners alike are curious about the benefits and risks of steel roofing. Most questions are about longevity and availability, installation expenses and maintenance costs.

Steel roofing is suitable for use in both residential and non-residential buildings. Low slope standing seam roofing is one of the most common uses of steel in non-residential buildings. Steel shingle roofs which come pre-painted can even enhance the appearance of buildings.

But why is steel roofing such a good choice?

For one, it is incredibly resistant to corrosion so that steel roofing lasts for a very long time. Steel is malleable and easy to roll into panels and sheets, or even molded into roof shingles.

Painting and coating steel roof shingles can enhance their appearance while adding protection. Galvalume roofs are strong enough to resist cracking or peeling in extreme weather.

Standing seam roofing in non-residential buildings avoids the dangers of leaky roofs. Conventional roofs will undergo an inevitable degree of wear and tear over time, leading to cracks, leaks and tears. Water seeps into the roof and then soaks through to the building, causing damage and danger.

Repairs of these leaky roofs can cost a lot more over time than a slightly higher initial investment into durable and stable steel roofing systems. Easy to install, tough, and leak-proof, steel roofing is therefore a very desirable solution in all kinds of weather and climates.

Steel roofing is also useful in retrofit roofing as it can be applied directly over existing roofs without needing costly tearing down. This even makes it environment friendly and suitable for many different kinds of constructions. Also, the productivity of commercial establishments is enhanced with steel roofing as work can continue uninterrupted inside the building even as the roof is being re-laid.

Wood or steel decking for architectural roofs on residential buildings are better not installed directly on the existing roof frame. Felt that covers the decking adds a level of protection against the elements.

Millions of buildings now boast of a steel roofing system. These are rapidly growing to become mainstream options that are economical and effective. Read more about the advantages of steel roofing in this article.

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