Standing Seam Metal Roof Shingles Colors

Are standing seam metal roof shingles always in the same drab and dull colors?

Frankly, I’m not surprised at the question – because the impression one gets is that metal roofing must be, well, metallic. But the reality is refreshingly vibrant, as this excerpt proves…

“You can choose painted metal roofs in striking color or choose to go with bare metals themselves. Either way, standing seams enhances the line of the roof and enhances the shadow lines that run from the top of the roof to its edge in a sloping roof. It dramatically brings to attention the slope and plane of the roofing angle.

You can choose from the different standing seam metal roof colors from the color palette available with every maker of the metal roofs. The standing seam metal roof cost will be more for the painted metal panels than bare metals.”

Read on for more about this. There’s a lot of information at the
Metal Roof Shingles directory.

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