Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation In 6 Easy Steps

Standing seam metal roof installation is not at all difficult if you are handy with tools and know how to follow instructions. Most metal roof manufacturers usually supply all the required panels, ridges, caps, fasteners, clips and underlying sheets for the complete installation of the roof. The stand seam metal roof manual usually provided by the manufacturer comes with all the required instructions for putting up the roof.

Standing seam metal roof installation: Follow These Simple Steps

  1. 1. Apply roofing paper to all parts of the roof including the roof valley where two sections of the roof meet at an angle. For home metal roof installation a underlayment of smooth synthetic material is critical as it keeps the structure dry not only during installation but after so, the metal roof substrate does not get saturated with moisture. This gives extra layer of protection too.
  2. 2. Place the pre-formed ridge cap over the roof’s peak and secure it properly. Every standing metal roof panel will be attached to this ridge. So make the cap as secure as possible.
  3. 3. Place each vertical section of seam metal roof from the peak to the eaves. Tuck it neatly under the ridge vent. Secure the panels to underlying sheathing using fasteners and clips. Each subsequent panel will cover the fastenings and clips of the previous panel. The fastening and clips are color coordinated with the color of the panels. A washer under the fastener prevents water from seeping through the fastening.
  4. 4. Using a crimping tool the raised edges of the metal panel are crimped together to give the standing seam appearance. This also provides a water tight seal to the finished roof.
  5. 5. A cap is usually placed over the finished crimp.
  6. 6. The metal surface can be painted in any shade required. This completes the standing seam metal roof installation process.

There are several advantages too standing seam metal roof installation. Metal roofs are light and portable. They last from 50-100 years. On average a metal roof lasts much longer than asphalt roof whose life is about 15-20 years. Zinc, Aluminum, Copper, Stainless steel are the metal used to make these metal roofs. When coated with Zinc and aluminum alloy the metal roofs get a protective layer that also strengthens it. Oxidation of the metals not only protects it but also gives it added strength.

Metal roofs are recyclable and can be reused again and again with no loss of their inherent properties. Standing seam metal roof installation are fire, hail and wind resistant. They are great as snow does not stick to metal roofs for long. As soon as temperature rises a little the snow slides off the panels. Coated with special paints the metal roofs can be highly energy efficient.

Standing seam metal roof installation needs a couple of roof experts for proper laying. It does not need any maintenance. However, there are few standing seam metal roof problems that need to be addressed. While laying roofs provision has to be made for thermal expansion and contraction and also movement of the sheets. Incompatible materials should be avoided as this can cause rapid corrosion of metal roof. Apart from this there are no major problems with metal as a material of choice for roofs.

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