Standing Seam Metal Roof Colors – Choose From Vibrant Hues To Muted Shades

Standing seam metal roof colors are available in range of shades that will add vibrancy and life to your home and its surroundings. Choose from vibrant reds, cool blues and pleasing greens. Whites, blacks, charcoal grey and several other shades in between are available for the different standing seam metal roof styles. Forget, the past when people had to be content with one dull shade for their metal roofs. Look around you as more choices become available people are becoming more adventerous and choosing bold and striking shades that catches the eye.

The beautiful standing seam metal roof colors bring out the charm of any type of home whether it’s modern or an old colonial home. A bold red roof catches people’s attention even as they approach your home. A dark blue shade set’s your home apart as a stately and sedate place. Muted greens reflect the nature around you. Whites reflect light and keep the home cool. Standing seam metal roof black and greys give off the old world charm.

You can choose painted metal roofs in striking color or choose to go with bare metals themselves. Either way, standing seams enhances the line of the roof and enhances the shadow lines that run from the top of the roof to its edge in a sloping roof. It dramatically brings to attention the slope and plane of the roofing angle. You can choose from the different standing seam metal roof colors from the color palette available with every maker of the metal roofs. The standing seam metal roof cost will be more for the painted metal panels than bare metals.

Color is not a big determining factor in standing seam metal roof costs, which will vary depending on factors like the metal used, the colors chosen, the area of the roofing, the labor costs, the transportation cost and standing seam metal roof styles chosen. Metal roofs are versatile and can be used for residences, industrial units and businesses. The same metal sheets can also be used for sides. Choose two different standing seam metal roof colors to create contrasting effect. Same with styles. Two different standing seam metal roof styles will also create a nice effect.

When two different materials are used for metal roofing care should be taken that they are compatible. Metals are prone to corrosion when in contact with certain other metals. This should be avoided at all costs. Experienced roof layers and roofing contractors will be usually aware of such factors and will surely warn you if you are going for incompatible materials. Same way the contractors will know to make provisions for expansion of metals during summer and contraction during winters. The roofing should have sufficient overlay to prevent any leakages due to this contraction and expansion. If your area is prone to wet weather and resultant growth of moss, choose standing seam metal roof colors that mask this or consult with experts on how to prevent this from happening.

There is plenty of choice as far as standing seam metal roof colors are concerned. What you choose depends on your tastes and your home’s overall look and feel. But, you need to aware that you are no longer restricted to choosing from 2 or 3 colors when there is wide palette to choose from.

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