Metal Roofing Prices – How Are They Really Determined?

Talk about metal roofing prices and you’ll usually strike fear into the hearts of homeowners around the world! That’s not without basis, because the most expensive procedures for home repair and improvement are to do with replacing or installing a new roof. But if you don’t do these repairs promptly and efficiently, you risk even greater expense as things become worse. So it’s important that, as a home owner, you study the different choices available to you and act on them quickly when you realize that your roof needs repair or replacement.

Metal roofing prices are higher than other conventional roofing systems. Despite this, metal roofing is fast becoming the most popular choice for replacing a roof. And even though the upfront cost of metal roofing is thrice as much as any other alternative such as asphalt shingle roofs, there are a large number of home owners who think longer term and understand that the cost savings offset the higher metal roofing prices.

Metal roofing prices are spread out over a range which is based upon where you live, what metal you’ll use, and the cost of labor in your area. Typically, metal roofing costs between $300 and $600 to install per 100 square feet. Metal roofing prices are quoted only for materials, and labor is extra. This is something you need to be aware of in order to make a reasonable estimate.

Metal roofing materials are available as shingles and tiles. Durable, shiny, attractive and pretty, lightweight and long lasting, metal roofing materials are worth what you’ll pay. The copper, aluminum, steel and zinc roofing tiles and shingles are strong enough to serve you for 30 years or more, without needing any kind of maintenance at all. This makes a metal roof twice as durable as asphalt roofing. Aluminum-zinc alloys are even tougher, lasting up to one hundred years or more.

So why are metal roofing prices higher? Metal roofing prices include the warranty which is typically 30 years or longer. Manufacturers boldly stake their name and brand on these materials because they really are so durable. Metal roofing resists fire and corrosion, wind and elements. They can tolerate high temperatures and heavy weather or rainfall.

You can learn more about metal roofing prices and the factors that affect them in this longer report here.

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