Metal Roof – Why You Need One

Here are 5 good reasons why you should consider getting a metal roof.

Now, I could give you 20. Or even 50. But most of those reasons would be too similar to each other, or confuse you more than help. So I chose to distill down the benefits of metal roofs to the most popular reasons after checking on dozens of home owners who have installed metal roofs.

Here is the short list of good reasons you should consider a metal roof.

1. Investment – Your metal roof is like buying a blue chip stock. You pay a little more for it upfront, but it returns more on your investment. A metal roof can be recycled, used in rehabilitation or remodeling, and enhances the resale value of your home.

2. Longevity – Where other roof materials last 15 to 20 years, metal roofs last 30 to 50 years or longer. This makes a metal roof the longest lasting and most durable of all roofing alternatives.

3. Beauty – Metal roofs come in so many different patterns, colors and designs that they’ll match just about any home or building nicely. You won’t sacrifice appearance or beauty for durability with a metal roof.

4. Energy Efficiency – Metal roofs save heating and cooling costs for your home by retaining heat in winter and reflecting it away during summer. The cost savings and environment friendly nature of metal roofs makes it an attractive option for many home owners.

There’s one more important reason to pick a metal roof over others – and a few myths to bust about a metal roof… and you can read more about them in this article that explains why a metal roof is your smartest home building choice.

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