Metal Roof Types – The Different Types Of Metal Roofs

When choosing a metal roof for their homes it is natural to be curious about the metal roof types that are available. Metal roofs are mainly of two types. One is the concealed fasterner look and the other is the exposed fasterner type. Depending on the desired look and feel you want, your roofing contractor will help you choose between exposed and concealed fasterners roofing. The concealed fasterners are more widely used in residential buildings than the exposed ones.

Apart from these two basic types there are other differences in standing seam metal roof like how the two panels are joined together. There are several different ways metal sheet panels are joined together. The fastenings and clips are the concealed by adjoining panels. The cost is variable for the different metal roof types. Usually, the exposed fasteners metal roofing is less expensive than the concealed fasterner type.

The metal used for different metal roof types include steel, copper, zinc, aluminum are basic metal used. In addition galvanized steel is steel coated with zinc, galvalume is steel coated aluminum alloy. Both these coating protect the steel from corrosion and also give it added strength. There are different grades of available in galvalume and galvanized steel. Depending on the thickness of the coating applied the grades vary. For roofing G-60 for galvanized steel and AZ55 is the recommended minimum grade if they are to be painted. Else, higher grades with thicker alloy coatings are recommended depending on the area where you live. Highly corrosive environments, humid weather, damp regions will needed higher grades with thicker alloy coatings.

A Brief History Of Metal Roof Types

Metal roofing has a long history and has been around for hundreds of years. Ancient buildings had beautiful metal roofs that served many puposes. Being light weight and strong they were useful in earthquake prone areas and could also withstand strong tropical storms. These metal roof types were not only aesthetically appealing but also resistant to fire, hail and ice. They are also extremely durable lasting much longer than other roofing shingles and clay tiles. The water run off from metal roofs could be stored in containers for later use. There a wide variety of metallic roof styles, colors, designs and patterns to choose from. The many benefits of metal roofs have always made them a popular choice in roofing. In older barns you would have seen corrugated metal roofing.

Metal roof types are energy efficient. They save you money on heating and cooling costs and also because it is longer-lasting and attractive looking roofing, it raises the resale value of your home. Metal roofs require very little maintenance and also need less insurance because they are fire resistant. Metals are also versatile lending themselves to a variety of styles and colors. The choice of colors in metal roofs is vast. As metal roof types have many benefits like durability, attractiveness, resistance to fire, hail, snow and ice, does not bend, warp or curl it has become a preferred choice in roofs for residential homes, business houses and industrial units. The above reasons explain why metals are considered an attractive option for metal roofs.

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