Metal Roof Shingles – Give Your Home The Metal Advantage

Metal roof shingles is one of the best investments you make on your home to both increase its aesthetic appeal and also raise the value of the home. Metal shingles provide better protection to the home than any other roofing. The metal shingles can be designed to look like real wood of various types and this adds to the appeal of the home adding a rustic charm if you so desire.

Metal roof shingles are desirable for many reasons, the most important being that they are maintenance free. They are free from the problems that traditional wood roofing faces like warping, splitting or rotting. Another point to be noted is that metal will not catch fire like wood. So, homes with metal roofs cost relatively less to insure. Metal roof shingles cost is several times more than asphalt roof shingles but metal last more than 50 years while asphalt will need replacement every 15 years. When you compare the life time costs metal will turn out to be lot cheaper.

Did you know that metal roofing over shingles that are existing can be done? That’s right you can leave your present roofing as it is and add a metal roof over it. This will save you money as you don’t have to remove the earlier roof and cart it away. It can simply stay where it is with a new roof over it. Installation is simple and easy and relatively fast. Metal roof shingles are good way to save money on your heating and cooling. They can save upto 20 percent on your energy bills. If you are concerned about the environment, buy shingles made from recycled metals. Metals will never lose their properties, so they are 100 percent recyclable.

As they come with secure four way interlocking system metal roof shingles are highly resistant to hurricane conditions. This ensures that they are secure in the worst of storms and windy situations. Metals also shed snow and ice faster as even the slightest increase in temperature melts the layer in contact with it and this causes the snow to slide off the roof. Metal roofs shingles prices are worth the money you pay because of several advantages that saves you years of headache.

They come in a range of vibrant and vivid hues that not only cause passer’s by to stand and gawk but also adds a touch of glamor to your home and neighborhood. The metal roof shingles unlike wood will not absorb water and bloat. They are free from infestation from insects which is problem with other types of roof shingles. So, you don’t need expensive pest control services to keep your home insect free.

There are several companies that make metal roof shingles and offer guarantee for water tightness, color and durability of their products. Check out the terms of guarantee and choose a company that has good track record and has been in the business of metal roofing shingles for several years.

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