Metal Roof Shingles – Expensive But Worth The Price

Metal roof shingles are costly and are considered a premium roofing solution, as they offer style, class, elegance, looks, functionality, durability and energy-efficiency. These high-end roofing providers have found loyal and dependable support because of their superior products that offer lasting solution to roofing needs. These roofs offer more than just protection against the elements. They offer a green solution to those concerned about the environmental impact of frequently replacing their roofs. The roofs are also energy efficient and help keep homes cool due to their high reflectivity.

Kynar 500 is a reflective pigment that is generally coated on most metal roofs. This offers superior reflection properties to the roof. Most of the direct and ambient sunlight are deflected back leaving the room much cooler and pleasanter. The energy costs saved due to the installation of metal roof shingles are substantial and price of the roof is recovered by the savings in energy costs.

Metal shingles were not generally a roof of choice till some years ago. Generally associated with roofing for sheds and barns, they were shunned as they were considered noisy and ugly. As metal roof shingles improved in looks and performance homemakers started taking notice. They are not taking up metal roofing in a big convinced about its long-term value and its trouble free service. There are so many benefits to metal roof shingles that it would be unwise not to adopt them if the budget permits.

AstonWood Steel Shingles

Metal roof shingles are very similar to wood shake shingles. But, in terms of function they are head and shoulders above a galvanized steel roof. They are much better when compared to wood roofs. In appearance too they have a better impact than wood. So, if you are planning on wood shake shingles then Astonwood steel shingles may be better option as they last longer and they do not have any problems associated with wood shake shingles like rot, curl and mold. They also save lot of energy in cooling costs because of their better reflection of sun’s radiation.

The shingles are sold with a 50 year manufacturer warranty which also covers the finish of the product. As the warranty is transferable to any new homeowner of your house it is asset to you home as it increases the resale value. The roof is light-weight and easily installed by trained and skilled roof contractors. They are strong and tough providing good protection for your home against the vagaries of nature.

StoneCrest Tile Shingles

Another roofing option in metal roof shingles is the StoneCrest tile shingles which offers a classic appearance and sophisticated air to your home. These come with 50 years warranty including against wind damage. A special coating prevents dirt from sticking to the roof and the aging process is slowed down.

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