Metal Roof Shingles – A Brief History

Metal roof shingles have a long and interesting history. I found this article that explores some of the rich heritage of metal roofs. Enjoy.

“Metal roofing has a long history and has been around for hundreds of years. Ancient buildings had beautiful metal roofs that served many purposes.

Being light weight and strong they were useful in earthquake prone areas and could also withstand strong tropical storms. These metal roof types were not only aesthetically appealing but also resistant to fire, hail and ice. They are also extremely durable lasting much longer than other roofing shingles and clay tiles.

The water run off from metal roofs could be stored in containers for later use. There a wide variety of metallic roof styles, colors, designs and patterns to choose from. The many benefits of metal roofs have always made them a popular choice in roofing. In older barns you would have seen corrugated metal roofing.”

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