Is Metal Roofing Cost Really Higher?

It’s a widely accepted fact that upfront metal roofing cost is high. But what isn’t given so much prominence is the reality that, when contrasted against other types of roofing, metal roofing cost is actually lower over the lifespan of your roof. Metal roofing materials are expensive. Installation is specialized and takes longer. Both these factors are responsible for the higher metal roofing cost.

But even if metal roofs are costlier than asphalt shingle and other conventional types of roofing, the overall expense for roofing is equivalent to tile or cedar shake roofs. Metal roofing has the advantage of being longer lasting, often outliving the building and definitely longer than shake or tile roofs. In addition, metal roofing is more energy efficient.

Home owners who chose to have metal roofing installed are enjoying 20% reductions in their energy consumption expenses. Metal roofing reflects ambient sunlight and heat, keeping the roof cool and lowering the energy expenditure for air conditioning. Metal roofing also enhances the overall value of a building for the long term. When it comes time to resell or flip the property, metal roofing cost actually is revealed as the investment it is – because the return on your property is far higher with a metal roof on it. Your metal roof will more than pay for itself.

Metal roofs are not just energy efficient and value enhancing in their impact. Metal roofs require little if any maintenance for many years, saving costs on repair and replacement. They provide secure and reliable protection, preventing damage to wood from water or weather extremes. All of these factors lower your roof cost over time, and is the reason why metal roofing cost is really lesser than alternative options over time.

What are the factors that impact metal roofing cost? The initial cost of metal roof installation is certainly more than for other types of roofing. But as compared with premium roofing options like slate or wood shake roofing, metal roofing shows up as being advantageous in many ways. How does this apply? To see why, you must take a closer look at other alternatives to metal roofing, as detailed in this report.

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