How Much Do Metal Roofs Cost?

Home owners curious about installing metal roofs are also obsessed about this question. They know all about how metal roofs are better, longer lasting and resistant – but worry about the expense being higher than their budget will allow. For sure, metal roofs cost almost thrice as much as conventional asphalt shingle roofs. This price differential is due to the more expensive materials as well as the higher complexity of installing a metal roof, which requires more skill and experience on the part of contractors. Installation of metal roofs is a time consuming and difficult task, which means professionals charge more money to do it.

But despite the higher cost of metal roofs when contrasted against asphalt shingles, they are not much different in cost when you compare them against alternatives like wood shake and tile. Metal roofs are far more durable and sturdy than roofs made of shake or tile, which makes them higher value for money. And there are many other benefits. You’ll save money by way of energy costs because metal roofs are cooler due to heat reflection, and can save up to 20% in heating and cooling costs for the average building.

New metal roofs also enhance the asset value of your building. They are a bit more costly to install, but in the course of time metal roofs will earn you back a multiple of this by way of energy savings and lack of repairs. You won’t need to spend any money on repairs or replacements with well installed metal roofs. They also provide excellent protection against elements, lowering the risk of needing repairs or replacement.

So what makes metal roofs so costly? The initial premium is because the materials used in metal roofs are more expensive. Despite this, metal roofs are an attractive option for home owners. We must compare this in the context of other premium roofing solutions like expensive wood, tile, or cedar shake. Natural slate roofs cost twice as much (or more) than even metal roofing. Copper roofs are the most expensive metal roofing solutions, and even those are cheaper than slate roofing.

When you ignore the most extreme highs and lows for roofing costs, the more common metal roofs are made of galvalume, aluminum and steel, which cost almost as much as cedar shake roofing systems.

To learn more about metal roofs and why they cost so much (yet are worth the price), make sure to read our detailed report here.

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