Common Questions About Metal Roofing Systems

Home owners have many doubts about metal roofing systems. Metal roofs have long been popular in commercial buildings and business constructions. But in domestic use, it was limited to barns and sheds. Only recently has the attractive design of metal roofs brought them to the notice of home owners who now are exploring the potential in metal roofing systems for their residences. Metal roofs last for a long time. They require little if any maintenance. And installation is simple. That’s why metal roofing systems are fast gaining popularity. Some doubts and questions will be addressed about metal roofs.

Can metal roofing systems be hit with lightning more often than other roofs? Metal conducts currents better than other material. It does not, however, in any way pull lightning towards it. Lightning strikes at the highest point, whatever it is made of. Metal roofing systems do not increase the risk of such a lightning strike in any way, and there is no reason to be afraid or cautious on this count.

Will metal roofing systems be noisy and troublesome in heavy rain? Most metal roofing systems have folds and bends that will deflect falling raindrops and avoid loud pinging noises. A layer of felt and underlayment serves to further soundproof your metal roof, and along with air vents and attic space, will dissipate all the noise even in heavy thunderstorms. Your building with a metal roof will be just as quiet inside as with any other kind of roofing. And even if the noise level is too high for your comfort, it is an easy task to add another layer of foam beneath the metal shingles to cut the sound.

Can metal roofing systems withstand wind and hail? Yes, metal roofs can tolerate heavy stresses and extreme weather conditions. Resistance to natural forces like wind and impact are all essential factors that manufacturers of metal roofs have dealt with successfully. Extra strength and protection is added to protect metal roofing systems against various disasters. Warranties are comprehensive and protect against finishing being damaged. If you’re unhappy with how your metal roof stands up to heavy weather, just ask for the material to be replaced. In fact, this higher tolerance is so well appreciated by the industry that your home owner’s insurance premiums will actually be lower as metal roofing systems do not get damaged over the years.

Can fire harm metal roofing systems? Metal roofs are not combustible or inflammable, which makes them fire resistant. Even if there’s a fire accident inside the building, the light weight of the roof prevents it from caving in suddenly and causing more damage. Metals by themselves have higher fire resistance than conventional roofing.

For more questions about metal roofing systems, be sure to read this longer report with FAQs that home owners ask.

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