Can Metal Roof Shingles Go Over Regular Roofing?

A question I get asked often is whether metal roof shingles can be installed over regular roofs? Here’s the answer, from an authority blog on the subject:

“Did you know that metal roofing over shingles that are existing can be done? That’s right you can leave your present roofing as it is and add a metal roof over it. This will save you money as you don’t have to remove the earlier roof and cart it away. It can simply stay where it is with a new roof over it.

Installation is simple and easy and relatively fast. Metal roof shingles are good way to save money on your heating and cooling. They can save upto 20 percent on your energy bills. If you are concerned about the environment, buy shingles made from recycled metals. Metals will never lose their properties, so they are 100 percent recyclable.”

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