Aluminum Roof Shingles – Permanent Roofing Solutions

Roofing today is a complex subject, not least because of the wide range of material and styles available to roof new buildings. You have choice when it comes to material and color, design and durability. One of the most durable kinds of roofing are aluminum roof shingles.

Aluminum shingles can be the perfect choice for your home or office building, and even other constructions such as a building you are erecting for heritage purposes. What makes aluminum roof shingles attractive is that they are lighter than steel while coming with some unique advantages.

Aluminum is rust proof, while being stronger than asphalt or other laminated shingles. Aluminum shingles are exceptionally strong and tough, and last for a very long time. That’s the reason many vendors can afford to give you lifetime durability guarantees, and will tout the superior performance of these roofing materials over the long term.

But if this alone does not convince you, here are some more amazing reasons to use aluminum roof shingles. Durability is one of the major benefits of these shingles. You do not hear of aluminum shinges burning or drying out. They do not crack or rot or rust. Mold is rare to find on aluminum roofs, and there is little chance of insect damage. Indeed, an aluminum roof will very likely outlast the building it is placed upon.

Aluminum roof shingles have a longer life. Asphalt itself is durable, with roofs typically lasting 25 years. Designer asphalt shingles, though, are even better. They have a manufacturer rating of 10 and are considered a lifetime roofing solution for all kinds of buildings.

These shingles also look attractive. They are manufactured in different types of material, sizes and designs, and sometimes the products are made to resemble the external view of an asphalt roof, or a wooden roof made of cedar. They lend a look of elegance, class and style to any building. Combined with their superior performance as a roofing material, there is little wonder why aluminum shingles are so popular among contractors and home owners.

Aluminum roof shingles and sheets can be recycled, giving this kind of roof a high environmental rating. With the trend towards green energy and conservation, this huge plus point makes aluminum roofing a highly attractive option to home owners. Best of all, all these advantages come at a very affordable price. It is true that aluminum shingles are more expensive than, say, Red Cedar shakes. But when you factor in the longevity of a roof constructed from aluminum shingles and consider that you will rarely need to repair or replace it during the lifetime of the building, you’ll see that the real price is low.

In other words, aluminum shingles are one of the best systems for roofing a new building today. If you’re looking to spare yourself the recurring cost of repairing a broken roof, and want a trouble-free way to design your roof at affordable expense, then using aluminum roof shingles may be the best decision you make in your home construction.

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