Ac3 hook up power source

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ac3 hook up power source

You gain the first Battery inside the temple that just happens to be next to the port it needs to be placed into. Can't figure out how to hook up the power source Assassin's Creed III. Xbox I'm just back from Italy I have only hooked up one I can't seem to find the rest I' m just wandering aimlessly. AC3 ending is stupid as hell. Release Dates.

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I see Juno standing there and I feel like I've tried every damn wall in the entire cave. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get up to the third terminal. I see Juno standing there and I feel like I've tried every damn wall in the. How to hang people on a tree?

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Contact Us Archive Top. The Battery is a device that first shows up in Assassin's Creed 3 inside the temple . It is a cube like power source used to power up the door and. Games Encyclopedia.

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The second and third battery show up later in the game and requires Desmond to go out of the Temple and retrieve them himself but along the way he runs into Daniel Cross both times. The sockets are on balconies up high above the main room where the Animus and your Assassin buddies hang out. If you look sometimes you. After a short conversation you will be able to return to the Animus at once or speak with the team members beforehand.

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Games Encyclopedia. When the lift stops, start climbing up - Sequence 10 - Third Energy Source | That way you will reach the spot where Desmond will use the power source. Game Guides.

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Guild missions. I am playing ACIII on the On 2 occasions inbetween chapter it has been suggested that I have Desmond hook up the "power Source". Forgot your username or password?

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Forgot your username or password? Weapons and tracks Animal occurrence and sneaking Snares, baits and skinning.

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More topics from this board IIRC they're only accessible after you get the power sources and a door slides open.