Roofing Problems Due To Wrong Nailing Techniques

The arrival of new tools and techniques make the job of people easier and faster. But, at the same time in the hands of inexperienced handlers the same tools can create potential for problems. Take for instance the nail guns. Nobody can deny that it is a tool that has enhanced productivity of carpenters, roofers and many other professionals. It takes the hard work out of hammering and nailing. Work that took hours now takes minutes. Yes, it makes life so much easier, so, why should anybody grudge them that.

We are impressed to see a roofing crew, using nailing guns and installing 400-500 square feet of roof in one hour or so. It is impressive to an untrained eye. A trained and experienced roofer knows, that most likely these people are doing a poor job of nailing and in consequence doing a bad roof installation.

About 30-40 years ago, a fresh recruit to the world of roofing job, would be doing the work of an odd man. Carrying the shingles up to the roof, cleaning up after the work is done, pulling out old shingles and so on. Only the more experienced roofer would painstakingly hammer in nails and set the shingles on the roof. After the new guy has been around for some time, say two years, that he got the job of actually nailing the shingles on the roofing deck. Nailing can seem simple enough – you put the nail in, drive it in with a hammer and it’s done, right? Wrong. The nail has to go in straight, it should not go right through the shingle with no hold on it, it should grip the decking and there should be no protrusion of the nail or nail going through the shingles.

If nails have not been properly driven in, they have to be removed and re-nailed. There is no short-cuts to that. If you see a roofing crew that does not pause to remove the badly driven nails once in a while, then you can steer clear of such a roofing company. Even the best roofer will make mistakes while nailing and will generally stop to remove and re-nail the shingle. So, if they are not doing it, that means they are being careless in their job.

Here’s a video from that illustrates some common roof nailing problems. Check it out.

Today, any fresh recruit can walk into a roofing crew and be given the job of nailing shingles. They start blowing in nails with no regard to technique or how to do it correctly. Result poorly done roofing jobs. Within two years all sorts of problems crop up, where shingles slip right off the roof due to the nail going into the shingle, the shingle popping out because of the nail being under driven and so on.

Homeowners want to drive a hard bargain and get the lowest prices, roofing contractors need jobs to stay in business and bargain hunting homeowners drive them to recruit cheaper and inexperienced people to get the job done. Greed, the need for quick fixes and desire for saving money has lead to a situation where people have to deal with bad quality roofing jobs.

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