Roof Shingles Installation – What Does It Entail?

Roof shingles installation does not mean you put together the shingles on the roof and hammer in a few nails. Yes, it makes up a large part of roofing but it is the easiest part. The more difficult parts are not something that you will see at first glance. Roofing is all about how you prepare and shingle the edges, the eaves and the valleys, the ridges and all the vents in the roof like skylight, chimney, dormer windows and so on. If these areas are not carefully prepared and proper flashing not applied, then you are in for trouble. The roofing will be disaster shortly.

Most newbies forget to lay the most important component of roofs, the ice and water shield. This prevents ice dams from forming. It is important to put this up for roofs that have low pitch. The layer of shield should be two feet higher than the inner wall of the roof. If the shield is lower in height, then raise its height. Also, make sure that the ice shield overhangs over the plywood edge by at least three quarters of an inch.

To know more about roof shingles installation we have a detailed article here!

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