Simple Tips To Replacing Shingles On Roof

Replacing shingles on roof that are damaged – warped, torn, cracked, curled or blown away in wind should be the number one priority for any homeowner with a to-do list of home renovation projects. Every other task can wait but not roof repair. The reason is simple. Damaged roofs can leak water and ruin nearly everything inside the house if not fixed properly. From your tastefully decorated interiors to your paint job and your carpets will suffer if water starts seeping in.

You kitchen renovation and bathroom remodeling can wait but not roof repair or replacement. Once, its importance is established let’s move on to the actual task of replacing shingles on roof. The following are the usual roofing types found on most homes. Asphalt shingles – affordable and easy to install, cedar shake shingles – natural, attractive but not suitable for wet weather, metal roofing – light-weight and versatile, slate roofing – heavy but attractive, needs special skills and very expensive. The pitch of the roof also determines the type of roofing to opt for. Very steep roofs should use wood shingles.

The cost of replacing shingles on roof is largely determined by the roofing material used. The most economical are asphalt shingles while architectural shingles fall at the higher end. Slate, metal and tiles are the most expensive and also require training and skills on the part of the roofer to do a good job. Replacing roofs can set you back by $5000 dollars at the lower end of the scale. If you pick the more expensive roofing options you will be paying a lot more.

Remember that replacing shingles on roof does not mean just the material cost but also the cost of labor and cost of repairing any damaged part on the deck. Other factors like area of roof, pitch and expertise of the roofing contractor also determine the price you will pay to get your damaged roof repaired. As roofing contractors quote prices with their overheads and other costs included you can and should negotiate for better prices.

You should be aware of few roofing terms used in the industry that lay men may not understand. A square is 100 square feet, composition shingles means asphalt shingles, vent – runs along the ridge of the roof and is used to let out the heat trapped under the shingles. This vent is important to prevent the shingles from buckling under high heat and failing.

If you are attempting the roofing job yourself then you have to wait for nice, dry day to do it. Professional roofers on the other hand don’t have the luxury and have enough experience and safety equipment to it even on a rainy day. As a one man homeowner trying to do your roof you can’t imagine what a team of professionals working in perfect harmony can accomplish in the spells of dry weather available on a rainy day. Most professionals can finish replacing shingles on roof in 3-4 days maximum.

Sometimes, it pays to get a professional to do the job. Replacing shingles on the roof is best left to professionals if it is for the entire roof. On the other hand replacing a few damaged shingles can be handled by most homeowners if they follow all safety precautions.

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