Installing Roof Shingles – Avoiding Mistakes Commonly Made

A homeowner is not usually trained for the job of installing roof shingles. Though not a complex task it can be daunting and nerve-wracking. As everyone knows the cost of installation is a major part of roofing cost, homeowners feel justified in taking up this onerous task to save money. In actual practice roofing is not that difficult if you know some basics like hammering, nailing and keeping safety as a top priority.

Homeowners are generally first-time roofers. There are some mistakes that most first time roofers and even experienced roofers make. The first of them is forgetting to lay the starter strip. A starter strip is the first line of shingles that are laid overhanging the eaves of the roof. These are 3-tab shingles with the tabs cut off.

Second, the most commonly made mistake is not keeping to a straight line when installing roof shingles. You will see many examples of such roofs where the roofs have a wavy appearance.

To read more about the common mistakes while installing roof shingles, check out this report.

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