How To Replace Roof Shingles – Safety And Effective Roofing Guidelines

How to replace roof shingles is often asked question among homeowners facing minor or major roof damage. A rainstorm or hurricane might have dislodged a few shingles or a couple of shingles might have cracked due to falling debris or the whole roof might need replacement because of age. For the minor repairs it would be absolute waste of time and money to employ a roofer when the homeowner is competent enough to do the job himself/herself.

This informative guide will help you through the process of replacing roof shingles and not waste your money on expensive roofing contractors. So, before we start you should remember that the first and foremost step every “how to replace roof shingles” guide emphasizes is about safety. Roofing has to be done at several feet above the ground and a person not accustomed to working at heights and has a phobia for them should avoid it. It is to some extent dangerous work so, all precautions need to be taken to make yourself as secure as possible when working up there.

Make your ladder secure, if it falls down or blown away, you will have jump a long distance and that can land you straight away in the hospital. Have an assistant to help you out to hold the ladder or to hand you the tools. Having another person around is always comforting and in case of an emergency they can seek help. Steeper slopes are more difficult to walk on and so you should hire roof jacks and walk boards. Learn how to them up securely and safely. If in doubt hire a professional. A few hundred dollars saved in roofer’s fees is not worth you seriously hurting yourself.

Power lines are another danger. They carry high amounts of current and if you contact with these high tension wires you can be electrocuted. So, make sure you as far away from them as possible. If you have to move it out your way, then use a long dry wooden pole with Y-shaped ending that can keep the wire away as you work. This is again a very dangerous situation and if your home is in the vicinity of power cables then be very careful or hire a professional who know how to handle it.

Keep those two points firmly in mind before learning how to replace roof shingles. The first step is to place ice and water shield. This will prevent ice backing up. Place these shields in the valleys also. Next, place felt on the decking. Use 30 pound or 15 pound felt though the former is preferable. Nail it in place. Three rows of nails are generally needed but in high wind areas 4 rows may be needed. Install drip edges starting at the eaves.

Next, comes shingles installation in how to replace roof shingles step-by-step guide. Begin with the starter course of 3 tab shingles with the tabs removed. The shingles need to overhang over the drip edge by at least half an inch. In the next row, cut off about 6 inches of the first shingle and install it. This is to prevent the lining up of the shingles. Nail the shingles 4 per shingle. Nail high and don’t let the nail go through the shingle. Stagger the shingles.

Read the instructions on the shingles pack about how to replace roof shingles and follow them including the nailing pattern. Start from the bottom and work your way upwards till the ridge. At the valleys and vents in the roof you will need flashing. After the flashing is installed, shingles have to be installed over it. At each stage ensure that there is lot of overlap to avoid any leaks or water seepage. Apply the cap at the ridges.

The above is not an exhaustive guide on how to replace roof shingles.

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