5 Easy Steps To Energy Efficient Home Remodeling

Energy efficient home remodeling is not complicated or expensive. While the media focuses on the ‘big picture’ of global warming and environmental friendly home construction, the regular home owner is more interested in the cost savings that come from an energy efficient home.

Some renovations you may plan for the house may end up being expensive and elaborate, such as adding a new room or replacing the roof. But making the building more energy efficient is a relatively smaller undertaking. You won’t need as big a budget, and the work is generally easier and more quickly completed.

It’s simple to slash your home energy consumption and utility bills by following these 5 easy steps.

Replace Windows

Windows are no longer just for great views or ventilation. They are a critical component in the energy efficiency of your home. It may surprise you to know that an energy efficient home remodeling venture that replaces windows can reduce your energy use at home by 50%. That’s one investment that’ll pay for itself right quick!

Windows which are tightly sealed, and maybe even double-glazed, can trap heat inside the room and prevent cold air seeping in from the outside. This saves on heating expenses even during the coldest winters.

Heating Systems

Your heating system (warming or cooling) accounts for 35% of your home energy consumption. Efficient burners and furnaces can lower this significantly. AFUE ratings must be considered carefully, with 90+ being acceptable. Getting your furnace and air conditioning units installed correctly is also important.

Heating can account for a significant share of the energy use even in offices, especially where there are many people entering and leaving the building. In such cases, it may help if your energy efficient home remodeling involves a system that minimizes losses during the movement of people in the building.

Air Conditioning

Around one-twentieth of your home’s total energy consumption is on air conditioning units, and Energy Star rated ones can save you money. SEER ratings determine how much money these units will save you, with the good ones being closer to 20.

Air conditioning units that conserve heat through the use of innovative and simple ideas such as circulating the coolant solution through ice blocks are even more effective in cutting down on energy consumption without costing more. Indeed, some new start ups in the energy efficient home remodeling space are trying similar approaches to attract green conscious home owners into their business.

Kitchen Appliances

Dish washing units, fridges and other kitchen appliances are another energy sump around the home. Energy Star rated appliances are more efficient, and can cut your home bill by $500 over the equipment’s lifetime. That’s well worth shelling out a few extra bucks for rated machinery at the time of purchase.


All the good work you do with energy efficient home remodeling can be offset by poor insulation. Heating and cooling systems that are highly rated may not be worth anything if the good work is lost through heat leaks. So checking your home’s insulation levels and then fixing whatever is responsible can do wonders for your energy efficient home remodeling.

Getting a professional auditor to run a check on your building can help identify areas which you may overlook. Doors, windows and attic spaces are the most often at fault. But a professional will be able to identify the areas where you’ll reap rich rewards by making changes.

Going green is helpful to everyone. You make the world cleaner and greener. You save money on energy utilities. You enjoy a cleaner air quality and well heated home. Energy efficient home remodeling can be one of the most productive activities you undertake as a home owner.

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