Bathroom Renovation Ideas – Make It Stylish, Victorian Or Contemporary

There are plenty of bathroom renovation ideas to help you transform drab and dull bathroom into a stylish and modern space. You can design one with all the latest fittings and gadgets or bring in the old world charm with old-style design and modern conveniences. Whatever, your style it is possible to make your dreams come true as far as bathroom renovations go. All it takes is hours of loving effort and time to change even the most basic bathrooms to the needed one. If you check out the before and after pictures of bathroom renovations you will be truly inspired to take up the bathroom remodeling project in right earnest.

Space Ideas

Some bathrooms seem to be cramped and in need of extra space but the dimensions of the room can’t be changed. What bathroom renovation ideas can you come up with that will give you that extra room? Every room has lots of vertical space that is not fully exploited. Bathrooms don’t need deep shelves as all you need to keep are a few bottles and soap dishes. Adding this kind of shelves either open or closed will give you lots of storage space. If you want to keep your towels in these storage cabinets you will need to make a little deeper and place it a little above the head level. If you a long walled off shower area, you can make enclose the shower area in a smaller stall and make the room look bigger. If there is long vanity case taking up lot of space then split it into two or has only one vanity to make it look more spacious. Going for smaller sized fittings will also give you more space especially in tiny bathrooms. These are just a few ideas to make the bathrooms look bigger.

Fittings Ideas

Modern bathroom design ideas respect the space of today’s working woman who also has an important career to take care of in addition to being the primary care giver at home. A woman needs an individual space and her own separate storage and other areas. His and her vanity sets, his and her sinks, his and her towel racks are just a few of the several fitting ideas that are available to make things easier for the woman in a hurry. In fact many families that can afford separate bathrooms have individual baths for husband and wife. Other prefers to spend the precious time together without getting in each other’s way. So, having double of each is a good idea if space permits. Else, twin vanities alone will serve the purpose. For younger children’s bathrooms having safety as the priority is important. So, fittings that early to operate, have hardy components and simple levers are best.

Modern Or Victorian

Some people like the old world charm and want to experience the luxurious life-styles of the old with old style bathtubs with claw type legs, floral motif in design and old-style fittings but modern conveniences. The modern baths on the other hand are designed more like spas with minimalist design and luxurious amenities with Jacuzzis, hot tubs and saunas. Fancy shower heads and vanities complement the whole design.

Tile Ideas

If you wish to retile the bathroom, then you need to first remove the older tiles and fittings and dispose of the old ones. In your budgeting you need to account for this. Once the old tiles are removed the old base will need a little work and you can start laying your new tiles over it. If your bathroom floor leaks and that are the reason you have undertaken bathroom renovation in the first place then it time to plug the leaks through waterproofing it. You should retile it only after you have fixed the leaks. This can be done either as a part of the DIY bathroom renovations you are planning or a professional can be hired to do this part.

There are plenty more bathroom renovation ideas that focus on different aspects of bathroom and its design and which help make your bathrooms into the space you want them to be.

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