Choose From Asian Garden Designs To Create An Unique Home Garden

There are a number of Asian Garden Designs to choose from to create a beautiful garden in your home. There are several Japanese, Korean and Chinese garden designs that can be adopted to your own use. You should have an idea about landscaping, how to use plants and several elements of garden design to create your own garden. If you are confident about this or lack the required qualification then hire a professional landscape and garden designer to do the job for you. You can give them the ideas and designs that you would like to incorporate in your garden and they can implement them.

Japanese and Korean gardens are themselves inspired by Chinese gardens and many of the elements of Buddhism are incorporated into these Asian gardens. Originally these were found at Buddhist temple sties and shrines, in palaces and city parks. In Japanese culture, creating gardens is a high art that is achieved through high level of training and dedication. It is closely linked to calligraphy and ink painting. Japanese gardens have found widespread western acceptance and there are a number of public parks in the western world, which mimic the Japanese gardens and Asian garden designs. You can find them in New York, London, and many other western capitals.

Asian garden designs are more natural, enclosing a view, bring distance object like mountains into focus, have mystery, simplicity and most important of all an attention to detail. There are many flowers or color in Japanese gardens. There are representation of different elements of nature like water, mountains and rivers. Water may not be actually used in the garden but patch of raked gravel or sand will represent the water or ocean. Stones set up in triangular shapes represent mountains or it can be moss on small mounds, which represent the mountains. Asian gardens are more abstract than actual.

These garden plans incorporate an important element of design called framing a view. They like to enclose something dramatic and as you walk and wander you suddenly come up an element which both surprises and enthralls the visitor.

There are different types of Japanese gardens that you can choose to construct like Kare-sansui which is a dry landscape garden or rock garden, the Tsukiyama Gardens or creation of artificial hills an which represent famous landscapes of China and Japan, the Chaniwa gardens or tea gardens used in traditional tea-ceremonies which enclose a tea house where the tea ceremony his held and other gardens styles like home gardens, pond gardens and strolling gardens.

Bamboo shoots, evergreens, moss, artistic rocks, boulders with a patina of age, gravel, bridges, tropical waterfalls, courtyards, pergola, pathways, ponds, streams, water basins, garden lanterns are some of the elements that are found in Asian garden designs. You won’t find the prolific flowers that are part of western concept of a garden. Instead in various subtle ways your attention is drawn to various shapes, textures and patterns on natural rocks, leaves and trees.

Another interesting thing is that all the rocks, stones for the pathways are chosen so they gel with the park. Nothing will seem out of place. The stones with patina of green or a little bit of moss are preferred as they blend with the natural settings better. A westerner or person unfamiliar with these aspect of Asian gardens designs would not be appreciate these small but important aspects which make Asian garden such oasis of calm and serenity. A place where you can retreat to in order to meditate in peace.

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