Sofa Throws – How To Make One?

So you’ve bought recliners or a sofa with a cushion at a great deal paying wholesale rates. But now you’re facing the dilemma of how to protect them against stains and spills. Here’s an idea. Make sofa throws to guard against accidents.

Sofa throws are simple to create. You can give your new furniture some much needed protection while preserving a bright and cheery look to your living room at the same time. It won’t take long to make a sofa throw, and will definitely be much cheaper than buying one. And what’s nice about learning how to do it is that you can make multiple sofa throws for the same sofa, and then rotate them often giving your living room a new, fresh look from time to time.

Choose the fabric you want to use in your living room sofa throws. Will you prefer a floral pattern or a simple checks or stripes pattern? What color matches the interior of your room? Do you want a denim throw, or silk, or something else? Make those choices and then purchase the material.

The first thing to do is carefully measure your sofa sizes. Depending upon these measurements you will have to buy the fabric to use in the sofa throws. Decide which parts of the sofa you want covered, and then use a measuring tape to record the dimensions. Allow an inch extra for the overhang and to tuck into the joints.

Cut two rectangular pieces of the plaid designer fabric you plan to use. Typically a piece that is 72″ by 55″ will suffice for most common models. Cut the fabric leaving an extra couple of inches on all sides. Make sure you use a sharp pair of scissors to get a nice looking cut and to avoid frayed or irregular sides.

Place the two pieces of fabric one over the other. Make sure the insides are out. Secure the bits with pins. Leave one edge open, but secure three sides. Using a sewing machine, stitch together the pinned edges. Stay one inch inside the cut edge. After you’ve finished sewing together 3 sides, remove the pins and turn the cover right side out.

On the unsewn edge, you’ll now be left with a raw surface. Trim any extra bits of thread. Fold it in, and sew the free edge to seal the throw. Remove the pins that were used to hold it in place temporarily while you did the sewing.

You’re all done. You now have a sofa throw that’s neat and simple, yet will add elegance and class to your room. Iron the throw that you’ve sewn to create a smooth edge. Then place it over your sofa and stand back to take a look. You’ll realize that as far as beautifying your room goes, you won’t need to buy new furniture or expensive accessories. Just a simple thing like a sofa throw will spruce it up and transform your living room into a rich, elegant area.

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