Larmes Mini Blown Glass Round Crystal Chandelier Lighting

Stunning! Great look, great price

This polished chrome crystal chandelier gives home lighting a modern twist. It’s a hanging light fixture with a difference. Made of 24 pendants enclosed within a clear teardrop-shaped glass case, each one hangs gently from aircraft cables to lend a unique appeal to your room.

The rectangular base is easy to fix onto your ceiling and the mounting box fits smoothly onto it. The 10-watt G4 xenon bulbs are included in the pack. The wire for each globe can be adjusted to your taste.

ET2 Lighting has come up with a winner in this Larmes Mini Low Volt Blown Glass Round Pendant crystal chandelier.

Owners are uniformly delighted. Anoush says:  “We got many complements from our guests. It added extra touch to our place. We Love it.”

Maria is just as happy with her choice. “I have had it for about 5 months, and just love it. It is beautiful lighted or without light.”

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