Eyelet Curtains Ready Made: Modern Way Of Dressing Up Your Windows

Eyelet curtains readymade are most recent trend of dressing up windows. The curtains stand up in vertical yet elegant columns giving off a quite elegance. There is no ugly bunching up or need to tie them up. It is like collapsible door. It can be pulled to either side and it will remain in place retaining its shape.

This modern window treatment method has caught on in a big way and eyelet curtains readymade are available in all standard sizes. These are easy to make too if you don’t want to buy it ready made. Just choose a material of choice and some brass or metal eyelets. You need to punch holes using the eyelets at regular intervals some distance below the top margin. There are some ready made kits available which can be used to punch the eyelet into the material. If the material is very light be extra careful you don’t tear it. With stiffer material you need a little extra force but there is not much danger of it getting damaged.

The ready made eyelet curtains come with these eyelets fixed already and all you have to do is slip them into a rod and you are done. It is easy to move the curtains around as the hole is big and also the metal eyelet does not snag against anything. Unlike other types of window treatment which have problems related to opening or getting snagged on the cords eyelet curtains are quite easy to operate.

People are always looking for more elegant and less cumbersome styles for their homes and eyelet curtains meet both these demands handsomely. It’s less labor intensive to make and clean and hence it has become quite the rage in window dressing options both in the industry and amongst the general populace. It works admirably in cutting out the unwanted light and gives the home owners a sense of privacy with simplicity and ease.

This simple and yet elegant style has found wide acceptance because it is adaptable to many different fabrics and styles of windows.
Roller blinds are one of easier window treatment options but eyelet curtains are much simpler than that both in making and using them. They are easy to maintain too. The chore of removing and washing window curtains is one of biggest drawbacks of other complex window dressing styles. They are put with hooks, rings, tapes and each time slipping it out the curtains out these individual rings or hooks and putting them back on gives many a housewife stiff shoulders. This is particularly true for the heavier materials.

You can choose light weight and elegant designs for your eyelet curtains. You don’t need to buy heavy or stiff materials. The brass or metal rings give it added strength and it will naturally retain the shape and stand straight without any additional work. Also, it is easy to modify a readymade eyelet curtain to suit your needs. You just have to trim of the extra length and stitch the frayed edge and you can put it up.

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