7 Smart Reasons To Get Bali Cordless Blinds

Bali cordless blinds are, on average, more expensive than corded blinds but there some very compelling reasons why you should invest in the blinds without cords.

One of the most important reasons to opt for cordless blinds is safety. Corded blinds that are not fixed properly and left dangling from windows increase the risk of accidental strangulation of small kids and pets. In fact the US Product Safety body the Consumer Product Safety Council has recommended cordless blinds recalls of blinds with cords of a number of companies to prevent any fatal accidents.

With cordless blinds you can rest easy that your children and pets can not harm themselves even in fun. It is good investment to make if you are going for window blind as a treatment option. The added cost is worth it.

In fact it recommended to use only cordless blinds in children’s bedrooms and to keep all cords out of reach of children. Any damaged blinds have to promptly repaired and all corded blinds made before 2001 need to be replaced with cordless ones or made safer with free retrofit kits.

The second reason to go for Bali cordless blinds is the added convenience. Anybody who has dealt with corded blinds know how much of an hassle the cords are to operate. Most of us tend to pull the wrong cord in the wrong direction. And it is only after several tugs and pulls that we get things right.

Cordless blinds that are operated through buttons and tabs are easy. You just push a button and your blinds come up or go down or slant the to the required degree. Once you have experienced the pleasure of operating cordless blinds you will never want to go back to the corded ones.

The third reason is purely aesthetic. All those cords and knobs hanging by the side of your posh window blinds are not exactly attractive. But we did not have a choice and we had to accept it. But with cordless blinds available there is no reason to settle for all those ugly cords. The buttons concealed at the bottom or side are not even visible. You can opt for motorized, electric blinds operation too.

The fourth reason is the improved performance of the blinds. Long cords invariably get knotted or tangled. This problem has been faced by almost every person who has handled blinds with cords. It takes several minutes to untangle them or remove the knots before operating them.

Many people just give up after a few tries if they are in a hurry or too busy. This means that blinds do not serve the purpose for which they have been put up. With cordless blinds you get improved performance as you have to only just push or pull the blinds at the bottom to operate them.

The fifth reason is the extreme ease of use. No standing up on stools, no juggling of cords, no pulling and pushing. No tying them for safety. Operating cordless blinds is become so easy that moving over to them is a no-brainer. Raising and pulling down blinds extremely easy with Bali cordless blinds.

The sixth reason is the ease of installation. Cordless blinds are a lot easier to install than corded blinds. As a diy project installing your cordless blinds would be a simple operation as you don’t have to bother with all those strings and pulley mechanisms.

And last but not least the huge range of colors, designs and fabrics to choose from in Bali cordless blinds makes it really easy to pick one that matches your needs exactly. Kresta in Australia and Kirsch are some other companies you can explore for commercial or home installation.

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