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Metal Roof Shingles – Why Metal Is Better As Roofing Material?

Metal roof shingles are gaining in popularity even though they lag behind other roofing options in terms of adoption by homeowners. The main reason behind the lower adoption being the high price of metal roofing options. Also, many homeowners associate metal roofs with barns and garages. They associate them with loud pinging noises when it rains or when there is a hail storm. It is no longer the case. Properly padded metal roofs make pretty much the same noise as any other roof during a rain storm.

Roof being the most important part of a home the decision to buy one needs to be done with care and deliberation. The roof protects your home from harsh weather, rain, sleet, snow, wind and hail. The choice of a roof is largely dependent on on your local climate and weather conditions. Two of the most commonly used roofing materials in the residential space are asphalt and steel. Composition shingles or asphalt shingles are the most affordable and hence widely used. A homeowner who is considering his/her options when replacing an old roof needs to consider whether to go in for metal roof shingles or asphalt shingles.

Asphalt shingles have cornered the roofing market in North America. About 80 percent of homes and buildings are covered by composition or asphalt shingles. The reason as already mentioned is because of they are so cheap and the choices available are mind-boggling. You can get asphalt shingles in every color, texture, design and price point.

You can opt for the flat, plain shingles which is the cheapest to the more appealing dimensional shingles that offer a more rugged and richer look to the roofs. Most composition shingles comes with a fiberglass core coated with asphalt on the outside. The core gives it flexibility and fire-resistance. The asphalt protects its from vagaries of weather. This has a life time from 15-30 years. You can choose from cedar wood shake shingle look or slate shingle look or even metal shingle look. The makers of these shingles have designed their products to appeal to every section of the population.

Only recently has metal roof shingles caught up with asphalt in terms of the choices available. The makers of metal shingles have started offering their products to match the needs and desires of their market place instead of one size fits all approach of earlier days. Today, it is possible to get metal shingles that resemble wood or slate shingles just like asphalt. Metal is naturally fire-resistant and rugged. It lasts for a life-time and does not need replacement like asphalt if cared for properly.

Unlike asphalt shingles which are susceptible to algae growth metal is immune to algae, fungus, mold and mildew. While asphalt shingles will need an anti-fungal coating metal needs no such protection. The extra coating is expensive but, it gives the home a nice and brand new look if you are opting for composition shingles. Metal roof shingles are naturally attractive. Both types of roof shingles need insulation on the under side to help make the home energy-efficient. Metal needs lesser insulation compared to asphalt.

Metal roof shingles cost around 30 percent more than regular asphalt ones. Depending on your local weather conditions and needs choosing this roof may make all the difference. For example in highly windy areas steel makes for good roofing choice. They can withstand higher intensity winds without getting blown away. Asphalt is lousy in such areas.

Again certain homeowners associations for the sake of uniformity and to enhance the curb appeal of their homes require all homes to follow the norms set by them. So, in such areas it may or may not be permitted to opt for metal shingles. If you local association allows it and your home will benefit by it then by all means opt for metal roof shingles.

Metal roof shingles are light-weight and do not cause an undue stress on the roof structure. It weighs about one-seventh the weight of composition shingle. They are fire-resistant and safer. Homes with metal roofs qualify for lower insurance premiums. If you live in areas were fires are an expected danger then a brick house with a metal roof has more chances of surviving than any other home.

If you expect to live in a home for a long time then metal roof shingles is the most long-lasting option. Else, you will be forced to replace your roof maybe 15 years down the line. It costs more initially but in the longer run the costs actually become cheaper considering its long-life, lower insurance premiums, safer against winds and fire and lower maintenance charges. Most metal roof shingles come with guarantees of 50 years or more.

There are many advantages to metal roof shingles ranging from long durable life, lower cost over the life-time of the roof, better protection against the elements and its fire-resistance properties.


How Roof Repair Estimates Can Help You Sleep Well At Night!

Roof repair estimates can help remove most of the unpleasant surprises home owners fear at the time of repair or replacement. Roofing jobs are always unique and unpredictable. Some leaks are minor and easily fixed. Others are major and need serious work.

There are elements of the environment that impact the kind of repairs your roof will need. If you live in areas prone to hail or hurricanes, the chances of needing serious repairs is higher. Finding the right roofing contractor who can handle your projects and execute them within your budget is critical.

Many homes also need periodic repairs and overhauls. Getting roof repair estimates from many different contractors can help you get a good deal and save money in maintenance. With online processes for getting repair estimates becoming widely available, this is no longer as cumbersome as it once was.

For more details you can review this special report about roof repair estimates


Asphalt Roofing Shingles – Pros and Cons

Asphalt roofing shingles are the most commonly used roof material, because they have some serious advantages over any other. Here are some of them…

“Some roofing material like asphalt roofing shingles have specific advantages and benefits. Each kind of roof constructing material has a unique set of them as well. Rubber, metal, slate and concrete are most often used for roofing. Shingles made of these materials are easy to install. Not only that, they are fire-resistant and heat resistant which safety proofs a home constructed with them, providing maximum protection for your house.

Asphalt roofing shingles are a practical cost effective choice for most homeowners and contractors, and that’s the reason why over eighty percent of home owners use it for new roofs or for repairs and replacements. Asphalt roofing lasts as long as 25 to 50 years, and most manufacturers will offer you a matching warranty. Asphalt shingles upgrade your home and increase its resale value in a very real way.”

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Roof Repair Estimates – Assessing The Cost Of Repairing Damaged/Old Roofs

Roof repair estimates gives us an idea about how much money/resources we need to budget for a roof job. Not all roofs are problem-free. They have major and minor leaks and other issues which need to be sorted out promptly to keep the home or business safe from major damage. Environmental factors like hail or storm, strong winds can cause catastrophic damage to the roof. In such cases you need to find a competent and trusted roofer to fix your roof before more damage is caused to the interiors.

Most homes need a quick fix before the actual roof repair starts. Sometimes the weather may not be conducive to attempt any repair. The water pouring in through the damaged roofs needs to be collected into big buckets or drums till the rain abates completely. Do not under any circumstance climb on to a wet, slippery roof to fix it. Neither should you attempt the repair while it is still raining and there is danger of lightening strikes. It is also foolhardy to expect to make roof repair estimates under such adverse conditions.

Once the rain has stopped and the storm has passed and it is reasonably dry, use a ladder to assess the damage. If you are scared of heights or don’t like climbing on ladders, then leave the job to a professional to both make roof repair estimate and to attempt temporary fixes. It the damage is very minor and your are confident enough of dealing with them, nail any shingles that have come loose in the storm, glue down shingles that are broken or put in new shingles in place of missing old ones.

It is always better to get roof repair estimates from more than one professional and also learn a bit about how they are going to fix the roof repair and what preventive measures they put in place to avoid such problems from occurring again. Of course not much can be done against huge hurricanes or strong winds. The market for roof repair is very competitive. Roofers know that once they get a job and they do a good job of repairing it, they can expect repeat business and referrals to other clients. So, get more than one estimate and share them with other roofers to get the best price for the job. Some top professionals will not be willing to price bargain as they do not like to compromise on quality or their overheads do not allow any price cuts. You will have to make a judgement call under such circumstances.

You either use Google or your local yellow pages to find the roofing contractors in your area to get roof repair estimates. It may also be prudent to get references from friends and family about good roofers they have used. Going with such trusted roofing contractors is much better than cold calling new roofing contractors. But, if you have no references to depend on then check for feedback about the roofers you intend to call, look for their BBB certification and any other references from trusted third parties.

Get references about the work of the roofers and check them out by either personally visiting the client sites or talking over phone about their experiences with the particular roofer. If you are happy and satisfied by the work done by the roofing contractor you can hire them based on the roof repair estimates supplied by them. Finding a good contractor at an affordable price is the key to choosing one for your roof repair needs.

Getting help to fix a roof leak or damage as soon as possible is key to prevent major structural damage to the roof itself and damage to the interiors of the house. Water and dampness can severely damage the home, the paint job, electrical, carpet, appliances and much more. So, get as many roof repairs estimates as soon as possible and get a temporary fix at least before the actual roof repair job begins. After a major storm or hurricane even the roofers will be very busy to handle all the calls coming in. But, most will make time to attend as many emergencies as possible and will advice you on the steps to be taken immediately and what future action will be needed.

Some homeowners maybe tempted to let the problem be after emergency repairs. Postponing repairs may seem like a good idea now. But, this can not be let to fester as the problem will only get worse and cause bigger roof repair estimates than what it would cost in the beginning stages of the problem.


Roof Shingle Calculator – Estimating The Requirement Of Shingles

A roof shingle calculator will be of invaluable help to homeowners to make a correct estimate about the number of roofing shingles needed for a job or a re-roofing project. Give yourself lot of time to assess and making the required math to know the number and quantity of shingles, the felt paper, under-layment, flashing, nails, vents, turbines, ridge caps and other materials needed to complete a roofing project.

When you do a thorough job and make your calculations as accurate as possible you will be able to order all the materials before starting the roofing project. You don’t have to wait around for materials after you start laying the shingles. A roof shingle calculator gives you an accurate amount of shingles to order. Based on this figure you can order all other related items. When you prepare well in advance you job will move along smoothly and with out interruption. You also can finish it on time which gives more satisfaction than anything else.

A roof shingle calculator needs some preliminary data that is used to arrive at the number of shingles to order. Here we will explore two methods of calculating roofing shingles quantity to order. You also have to factor in extra roof shingles for wastage, overlapping and starter shingles.

There are certain roofing terms that you need to know when using the roof shingle calculator.

Square- This is a roofing term that refers to an area equal to 100 square feet in real terms. So, if you are buying a square of roofing shingles it means that it will cover 100 square feet of roof area.

Bundle – Shingles are wrapped in paper or plastic and sold in bundles. These bundles are light enough to be carried by any person. So, when buying heavier shingles you will need to order more bundles than when buying light-weight shingles. Usually the standard asphalt 3-tab shingles cover 3 square per bundle. There are about 29 shingles in bundle of size 12 inches by 36 inches. Heavier laminated and architectural shingles need 4-5 bundles to cover the same area.

So, now you know the basic terms used in roof shingle calculator. Next, most important step is to go measure your roof. You need to the area of your roof to order roof shingles. To measure the roof you can either measure it or use the sheet count method.


Get up on the roof measure each plane of the roof, get its length and width and calculate the area by multiplying the lenght and width of each of plane and adding them all up to arrive at the square footage of the roof to be used in the roof shingle calculator. If you have steep slopes then measuring the area is a little more complex. First measure the length of the building at the ground level and make provisions for any roof overhangs. Now, walk up a ladder and using a stiff measuring tape, measure the length of the slope from the eaves to the edge of the ridge.

Sheet Count Method:

In the other using the sheet count method to use in the roof shingle calculator, you just count the number of sheets needed to cover the whole area. It’s fast method and can be done from the ground. This can be only done with the sheathing is exposed and panels are of 4 feet by 8 feet are used as structural panels. Count the full panels and make a estimate about the ripped and crosscut sheets at the edges and make it up to a full sheet. If sheets are diagonally cut then assign them a size of say or half or quarter depending on the cut. As each sheet measures 32 feet area you can arrive at the square footage by adding up all the sheets you have counted.

How Much To Order?

If the roof shingles you are ordering are of the kind that cover 3 bundles to a square then it is easy to order one bundle for every sheet of roof sheathing you counted. If you are buying the heavier or lighter kind of bundles then just divdide the number of sheets of sheathing by 3. This gives you the total number of squares of sheet needed to cover the roof. The calculations are fairly simple and you can work it out yourself that three sheets of sheathing cover roughtly 100 square feet or one square in roofing terms.

All these measurements may seem very simplistic but you don’t have to be really that exact considering that there will be wastage of shingles and at the edges and corners you have to allow for good margin, you have to calculate for the overlapping and so on. If your roof shingles calculator allows for healthy margin for extra shingles then that might be quite enough. Else, you need to order more.

Take Into Account Wastage

Remember that you will need to order more than the just square foot area of the roof. Starter courses along the eaves and at rakes, extra shingles for ridges, hips and valleys all need more shingles than the area they cover. Also, in order to stagger the joints you have to cut the shingles by half a tab length for every row, this again will generate its own waste, against the walls and around chimneys and other vents, shingles will need to be cut to fit correctly. Some wastage is inevitable due to breakage, wrong cutting, improper nailing or tearing. So, add about 3 bundles of extra shingles to the value arrived at by your roof shingles calculator. If you are inexperienced you may need more than that.


Roofing Cost Calculator – Find The Cost Of Roofing Using This Tool

Most roofing cost calculator tools available today are web-based. Seeing the growing popularity of smart phones and needs of professionals to access these tools on the go – many of the tools developers have come up smart applications that can be downloaded on the mobile phone and used by roofing contractors when at the client site. This is invaluable help in closing quick sales.

Not just professionals, even people who are in the market to build new homes or those who wish to alter their roofs or relay them find roofing cost calculator an great aid because of the ease of calculations for different specifications. For instance you check the cost of roofing for different roofing materials. You don’t have to get the quotes from a professional or invite one over to know how much it would cost to replace your roof. If you are just considering things and are not yet decided about changing or relaying the roof then it would be big waste of time and effort for the roofing contractor to make the trip to your home. Instead the homeowner can themselves do the preliminary estimations.

There are other advantages to using a roofing cost calculator. It helps in making assessments about the amount of roofing material to order, the ball park figure about labor costs, the cost of disposal of old roof and so on. This will help the homeowner with being assured that he/she is not being taken for a ride when roofing contractor gives estimates about roof cost and so on. Neither will they have to fear that they are ordering more than the required amount of materials.

The tool is simple and straightforward. Any homeowner can be trained to use in less than half hour or so. The prices of roofing materials, the cost of labor will have to entered into the tool and saved for use whenever needed. You can take the help of a roofing contractor or local trade journal to find the prevailing market rates for these and enter it into the tool. Next measure the dimensions of the roof, the length and breadth of different planes in the roof measured in square feet should be entered into the roofing cost calculator.

Once this data is enter the roofing cost calculator comes up with the such numbers of bundles of shingles to order, the number of rolls of underlayment to be bought, quantity of felt paper to buy and so on. This is handy to make quick comparisons and also price estimations. You can cross verify any numbers quoted by your roofer or the local hardware guy where you are ordering material.

Not just the major materials a roofing cost calculator is also useful in finding the cost of other items needed in installing a roof like ridge vent, turbine, drip edge, ridge cap, roof underlayment, flashing, gutter and lot’s more. Ice and water shield is for example used to prevent ice dams and is a requirement in many states by law. Hip and ridge caps can be fashioned out of roofing shingles by roofers themselves but, since the warranty becomes invalid if the ridge caps supplied by company are not used, calculating its cost is a big help too.

You need galvanized nails for the roof of one inch or more size for regular shingles and bigger sizes for flashing and other areas. Several boxes of nails will be needed for the roofing job. Your roofing cost calculator will give you an accurate number of boxes of nails to buy for the job. Else, you might run out of nails in the middle of the roofing job and need to run to the supplies store for more.

By putting up the roofing cost calculator online it’s makes the job of service providers like real estate agents, insurance adjusters, roofing contractors and others easy. The homeowner themselves arrive at the numbers using your tool and save you time from having to visit their homes. They can calculate the number by tapping a few numbers into their phone or laptop and get the valuations needed almost instantaneously. There is no time wasted in going to the client site and then going back to home or office to finish the calculations. The contractors job of material estimation is also made easy. The mind numbing task of counting ridges is completely eliminated. The distinctive styles of roofing are now estimated rapidly by counting the partitions.

Remember that materials prices, labors costs will vary with where you live. So, you need to keep your roofing material cost tool updated if you are going to use in a different location than your local area.


Roof Shingles – Fixing Roof Problems

Roof shingles need timely and regular maintenance for a long touble free life. It is one of the most important features of a home that literally protects you from external factors. It keeps you and your belongings safe, warm and dry. If you find any leaks, signs of water damage, wear or rotting take immediate action. Call a trusted roofer to help fix the problems.

If the water seeps under the roof shingles it will start damaging the wooden planks underneath which will rot and cause bigger problems. If you tend to neglect these small problems you will end up with ma jor expenses later on. You will end up spending thousands of dollars later on to replace the whole roof and the sheathing underneath which arises due to the small problem you ignored earlier.

Home maintenance is an ongoing process. Roof repair and maintenance tops the list of the most important tasks in your to-do list. Every homeowner who has neglected to nix roof leaking problems in the bud has ended up spending a lot more in money and also time and effort in re-roofing later. Roof shingles for the whole roof area can cost you a pretty penny. As they say for want of a nail a kingdom was lost.

If the last time you laid roof shingles was 20 years ago, then it is time to replace it. Research your options well and based on how long you plan to live in the home, your budget and your local area needs. Only homes with steep pitches or very old roof need professional maintenance and repairs. Shallow pitched homes, flat roofs and relatively new roofs can easily be maintained by homeowners themselves.

Basically the three most common problems most homeowners face with their roof shingles are – replacing a damaged shingles, fixing a curled shingles, repairing cracked shingles. Safety is the most important consideration when it comes to roof shingles repair. So, if you have any doubts about your ability to work on heights then call for help. Steep or even shallow slopes can be slippery in any weather and should not be attempted on wet days. It should not be attempted in the mornings when roof is likely to moist with dew or in the evenings when the light is failing.

Take up your roof shingle or roof repair project on a warm, sunny and dry afternoon. When the weather is right the shingles are also supple and flexible. They won’t easily crack or break when handled by you.

Replacing Damaged Roof Shingles:

Make a visual inspection of your roof. If there are parts of shingles missing then they need replacement. All you need to do is take out the old shingle and replace it with a brand new full shingle. If you have a box of left-over shingles from your last roof job, you are in luck. Else, buy shingles that are same as your old shingles or nearest match to old roof shingles. Stores sell shingles in roof squares which are about 100 square feet and will cost about $15-$20 dollars.

To replace the damaged roof shingles you will need a prying tool, knife, hammer and roofing nails. As the old shingle is secured using 4 nails plus the nails from the shingles from the row above and below also go through this shingle, you have to use your prying tool to gently lift the shingle to reveal the nails underneath. Remove the nails one by one. Use small amount of force the eight nails out. Too much force can damage a lot more roof shingles than what you bargained for.

To remove the nails slip your tool under the damage roof shingles and gently jerk it upwards. As the nail comes out a little, press the shingle down and pull out the nail. Just keep doing the same thing till you have removed all the nails on that particular roof shingle. Now, pry the shingle directly above the damaged shingle upwards and remove the nails that are keeping the damaged shingle in place. Repeat the process for all the eight nails. Once the eight nails are out yank out the damaged shingle.

Brittle shingles make the job harder as you will be cracking roof shingles when removing the nails. So, instead of removing the nails cut V-notches around the nails on the damaged shingle and remove it. Now place your new shingle in the place of old and secure it with 4 new nail leaving the old ones in place.

Cracked Roof Shingles Repair

Cracked and torn shingles are easily fixed. No need to replace them. A little sealant is all you need. Apply a thick layer of roofing sealant under the cracked shingle. Press the torn shingle on to the sealant. Apply a second layer of sealant on top of the shingle. Spread the sealant around using a putty knife to get even coverage. Now, don’t be worried that your fix can be seen from afar. If you look in the gutters of your roof you will granules from your roof shingles that have washed out. Collect them and apply them to the glued shingle area. This effectively covers up the work you have done. It’s a simple and easy task to mask the repair and as easy to fix the problem in the first place.

Fixing Curled Roofing Shingles

Due to age and the effects of rain and sun some of the older asphalt shingles will curl with age. They will start curling at the corners either upwards or downwards. If you notice this problem then fix it immediately to prevent the whole shingle from curling and damaging the surrounding roof shingles. Straighten out the shingle and stick it to the roof using a strong glue.

A caulking gun is used to apply a bit of roofing sealant under the curled corner. Put a heavy object like brick on top of the shingle once it is glued down. Leave it in place for about a day to two before removing the brick. This helps the sealant to dry and seal the shingle in place.

These minor repairs when undertaken during your regular roof maintenance every month or two will keep your roof shingles going for a long time with out needing replacement before it’s guaranteed life-span ends.

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